"This business was the department"

Ted Douglas was part of the department, Ted later resigned from the board when he was found to be involved in corruption. And he appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 061 - 382.

Time at the departmentEdit

Ted Douglas was first seen, arriving at Wentworth Detention Centre in a black limousine. Erica Davidson planned to resign, and Ted was visitng to persuade her to take leave to think about her decision. Erica was swayed when Ted Pointed out that Vera Bennett would most likely be governor, as Jim Fletcher was on leave at the time.

The following year when prisoner Kerry Vincent's agent blackmailed Vera, Ted warned Erica he would have to take action against Vera. Vera is of course cleared of the accusations. Ted next appears when Erica speaks to him on the phone about Stuart Gillespie.

Not long after this, he interviews Meg Jackson, who planned to quit being a guard, and take on the job of social worker. He later encourages Vera to apply for the job at Barnhurst and which he returns a call a few episodes later to Vera to say that Vera has become governor of Barnhurst.

A few other appearances after this, before becoming involved in the Great Fire of Wentworth storyline, in which Douglas doesn't want the press to find out about what really happened with Joan as Joan was injured in the fire after fighting with Bea and falling off a ladder and spending time in hospital as a result and tells Erica to move Prisoners to Woodridge for accommodation while the prison rebuilds.

Ted is eventually the one to announce Erica's resignation, due to a series of mishaps at the prison. We don't see what happens, but we are told that Erica has resigned and Meg Morris points the finger at Douglas and says that Erica wouldn't quit just because things "got hard" she then says that Douglas forced her hand and forced Erica to resign, which Ted of course denies. Although he wanted Joan Ferguson to become Governor, Ann Reynolds is sent to replace Erica.

Ted's downfall occurs when he becomes involved with underworld figure Lionel Fellowes. He is blackmailed by Bea Smith, but is arrested at the airport. Ted is sacked from The Department due to this but avoids prison.


  • Ian Smith was one of the principal writers for Prisoner.
  • Ian Smith also played the role of Pixie Mason's father Mr Potter in episode 502.
  • Ted was played by Ian Smith
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