Sally Lee was the first prisoner seen in Episode 001, and the first prisoner to die on the show. She killed herself because she couldn't handle being locked away without the drugs that were smuggled in by bent screw Anne Yates.

The Sally Lee Halfway House was established with the help of lawyer Angela Jeffries. It was intended solely as a refuge for newly paroled prisoners. It was originally run by Karen Travers before she married Dr Greg Miller and moved to Queensland.

Not including Karen, Doreen Anderson was the first inmate to arrive at the house after her parole. Initially she couldnt get used to her freedom, and didn't want to be left alone if Karen went out. She even requested to share Karen's bedroom, which Karen agreed to at least until new prisoners arrived.

Although the house was run down when it was bought, Karen did her best to clean the place up. Later on, Doreen and Lizzie Birdsworth who had also been released, attempted to give the hallway a fresh coat of lavender paint.

No alcohol was allowed on the premises as a general rule, though exception was made for alcohol used for cooking (which would be locked away when not in use), however Lizzie found it hard to stick to this rule. However there was nothing to stop the occupants going out for a drink.

Another rule was that the house was solely for the refuge of ex prisoners -- prisoners weren't allowed at a normal womens refuge due to not being equipped to deal with them, and vice versa. Caroline Simpson found this out when she turned up with her mother Vivienne Williams who had been beaten by her husband.

The house itself was located at 27 Elizabeth Street. The suburb was never mentioned, so it was unclear if it was supposed to be in the fictional Wentworth district. The house appeared to be within a short walk to the shops, and also had a train line out the front, meaning a short walk to the nearest train station.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The house was extensively renovated and sold in late 2017 for over $AU3,000,000. If you Google the address and click on the link you will see images of the exterior and interior.
  • Judging from the outside shots when characters are on the street out the front, it appears that the house is actually located somewhere in East Melbourne.
  • The house is actually located in East Hawthorn - 27 Burwood Avenue. The local shops are those on Burke Road Camberwell.
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