"What Boomer did. Was kind."

Rita Connors is a main character first introduced in Season 6 of Wentworth and the New Tritagonist.

Rita is a member of the Conquerors, a Biker Gang, like the character Rita Connors from Prisoner on which she is based.

Foxtel announced her return saying: Leah Purcell plays Rita Connors who presents as a spirited, independent indigenous woman, closely affiliated with the Conqueror biker gang.[1]

Rita is not the only Prisoner Character to be introduced to Wentworth in Season 6, the other character is Marie Winter.

At the end of series 7 Rita is taken into Police Custody after finally bringing down Marie's protector the attorney general Michael Heston.

Time At WentworthEdit

In episode 6x01 it is revealed that Rita is Ruby Mitchell's sister, and she got herself arrested just to help her. It is revealed as well that 'Rita Connors' is not her real name. After Mitchell severely beats Spike Baxter in the showers, Connors takes the blame in order to protect her, and is therefore heavily punished by Kaz.

In episode 6x02, she reveals Allie that she is actually Ruby's sister, and asks her to check that she does not get involved into fights or problems which could cause a prolonging of her sentence. She also reveals Novak that Mitchell's nervous disease was caused by a dramatic car accident back in her youth.

Later in the season, Rita's motivation becomes clearer, its to protect her sister.

Rita is slotted for attacking three prisoners in the dining room and is "charged" with Kosta's assault but the police who are in league with Rita are her handlers and the operation is an undercover one.

Rita becomes more suspcious of Drago when Cherry Li is attacked in the showers and the following few days after the attack asks officer Linda Miles if Cherry is ok, Linda tells her she is completely paralyzed and Rita denies any knowledge of who had actually done it.

Rita asks about Cherry Li

She does this by making sure in the season 6 finale by taking over the fight that was for Ruby/Drago and beating Drago to death, Rita is left behind by the police saying that she was 'just another prisoner' and is later slotted by Linda and two other guards.

Season 7Edit

Rita is finally released from the slot and finds out from her lawyer that her police undercover file has been deleted from record, learns that Marie got 15 years and will possibly have to serve the same for the bashing of Drago. Rita is visited by Ray multiple times and finally decides to marry him, but in a very Wentworth way on her wedding day is struck with grief when she learns that Ray has been killed outside the prison. 

Rita in episode two mourns the loss of Ray and promises revenge for him, she finds out off of Linda Miles that Ray was shot by a member of the Butchers Bikie Gang and when she finds out she attacks Marie in the yard and almost chokes her out. Rita is taken to the governor, but not slotted, Linda
Rita Conners

Rita Connors

tells her she is very lucky that Mr Jackson "understands grief". Rita continues to mourn the loss of Ray for the rest of the episode and helps Kaz make a homemade explosive, but she calls it off because she knows it what Ray wouldn't have wanted, but Kaz goes through with it anyway.

Rita in episode 3 finds out an old foe from her cop days is behind bars for a smash and grab. Narelle Stang immediately knows Rita's true identity and threatens to reveal it to everyone, but only if she gets her gear, which she does. Rita is blackmailed into helping Stang again by saying she wants Kaz dead after learning it was her who attacked her brother. Rita tells Kaz about her past and that she was a cop until she messed up the job when she killed Drago, Rita and the prison mourn Kaz's death, and has words when Stang is taken to protection, and when they are told it was way before Proctor died, their theories are still there. Rita later learns that Ruby has taken Stang's charges and she is furious about it saying that she didn't need protecting.

During the later half of the season, Rita and Allie learn off of Ruby in frightening detail what happened to Marie's son, in which, later Rita helps Linda take Ruby to medical when she thinks she's having a seizure, but later on she collapses again, it is later revealed her aneurysm had burst and that Rita had been deined access to visit Ruby. Rita is slotted after she attempts to jump the fence, and during the night Rita is taken out of the prison by Vera, Rita and Vera share the reason Rita killed Drago, and reveals it was her fault behind Ruby's injuries when she was younger. Rita later finds out her commital hearing date has been set and is taken to a holding cell awaiting to be taken to court.

Rita sees Ray's biplane fly past the prison

Rita reveals her past to Will during the siege after she manages with the help of Liz to get out of her holding cell. Rita reveals to Will that she has been helping find out who Marie was working for and who her protector was. Rita is later seen telling Boomer she is sorry for her loss, before checking on Liz who had collapsed in her cell. Later when Rita talks with Will he tells her that Boomer has been charged with manslaughter, and Rita says what she did was kind. Will has words with Rita, and Rita tells Ruby that she will have to go into protective custody as she now has to testify as she identified Marie's protector, Rita tells Ruby that they will meet again and she has loved watching her grow up.

Season 8Edit

In episode one, Rita is in police protection and talks with one of the handlers who are handling her case, in which they are discussing her conditions. Rita reveals she wants to speak with Ruby but is refused, but told Jones and Morelli have been suspended from duty. Rita later learns of the suicide of Michael Heston.

Season 9Edit

Appearances Edit

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