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Prisoner: Cell Block H (originally titled Prisoner in Australia) [1] screened from 27 February 1979 to 11 December 1986, and was created by Reg Watson [2]. It was also produced by The Reg Grundy Organisation [3] and screened on Network Ten. It originally was conceived under the working title of Women in Prison and Women Behind Bars, the series was set in the fictional women's prison, the "Wentworth Detention Centre". Since its original airing, it has been shown in re-runs and has picked up a huge cult following overseas, including the USA, UK and Sweden to name a few. Thus, new generations of fans keep getting hooked on the shows various storylines; many which are still quite relevant today. And as of 2022, Prisoner is streaming on channel 10's streaming service 10play and in 2021 Talking Prisoner begun its podcast with former members of the cast speaking on a weekly basis on their time on the show.

In 2019 it was Prisoner's 40th Anniversary.

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The Prisoner Cell Block H and Wentworth Wiki features articles for the original Prisoner series and its 2010s remake, Wentworth.

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Wentworth is the series considered Prisoner's "spin-off" remake and since its release has been released worldwide to 80 plus countries worldwide.

The series first started airing in 2013 on Foxtel's SoHo channel before moving to Showcase at the start of its fifth season the series finish airing in 2021 with 100 episodes and 8 seasons.

The series has won 7 Logie Awards, AACTA's and many more with the show receiving 3 final nods during the 2022 Logie Award nominations.

The series first begun production in late 2012 and finished production of its 8th and final season in late September 2020 with season 8 part 2 serving as the series finale in 2021.


  • The show was originally going to be only 16 episodes but ended up being 692 episodes due to its popularity.
  • Some of the actors and actresses had more than one role in the show (e.g, Anne Phelan [4] Officer Mason and, dopey inmate Bernadette and her famous role as Myra Desmond, who was the second longest running top dog and former PRG).
  • The APM song Fear 1 from the show was used in two episodes of the famous Nickelodeon Cartoon Spongebob Squarepants [5]
  • American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr[6] a fan of the show and visited the show at Grundy Studios to meet the cast including his favourite actress on the show Maggie Kirkpatrick, her character nicknamed The Freak. Davis arriving in a helicopter even offered to make an appearance on the show but the series ended before it could be arranged.
  • The girl who played Bea's daughter in a flashback scene is Val Lehman's daughter Cassandra, and the girl who played Yvonne, who gave Bea refuge in her first escape is also her real-life daughter Joanne.
  • Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett was one of the big roles to choose from in the series as Val Lehman and Maggie Kirkpatrick both auditioned for the role.
  • When Wentworth did a media screening of its first episode, the original primary cast of Prisoner Cell Block H called the series "The ultimate compliment."
  • When Wentworth was renewed for 20 more episodes in 2018, it was revealed that it would be the longest running 1 hour drama on Foxtel in its history.

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Lou Kelly (Wentworth)