Pat O'Connell was inside Wentworth for aiding and her abbetting her husband in an armed robbery. She is transferred from Barnhurst in with Chrissie Latham, who was pregnant.

Pat has three children, the eldest, David O'Connell already in prison. Pat is advised to divorce her husband in order to get her kids back and be parolled, and when she does this, she is able to gain custody and take them off her mothers hands. Unfortunately, David escapes from prison, and Pat is put back inside Wentworth once again for similar reasons for her first stint - aiding David in his escape. David sees Dr Greg Miller as the person who tipped him off. Pat is devastated when David commits suicide, unable to cope with being in prison.

Pat became protective of Chrissie during her pregnancy, going so far as protect her from Bea. Pat also helped pass on information to Bea who was in isolation at the time.

Pat is eventually released when she appeals for parole and custody of her kids again, arguing that the original trial was surrounded by negative publicity at the time. We last see her and her kids being driven away from Wentworth by Paul Reid (110).


  • Pat is first mentioned in Episode 060, with the crime of driving a car through a shop window after not being able to afford repayments.
  • Despite Pat being Australian, Pat's son David clearly talks with a British accent.