Noeline was in and out of Wentworth a few times, usually for burglary or petty theft. She came from a family of criminals, who didn't like to take charity, they just liked to take everything else.

Noeline was asked by police to talk her slow brother Col into giving himself up after a failed robbery. Noeline was understandably upset when he was shot dead by police.hurt

Noeline was released soon after, but returned to Wentworth again after a robbery with her daughter Leanne went wrong. Again, Noeline was released a while later.

Noeline returned to Wentworth after stealing money from her workplace, which she attempted to trash when the police arrived to tell her that Leanne had fallen to her death off the roof of Wentworth during a protest - on this stretch in Wentworth, she was the only prisoner who was not on loss of priveleges for their involvement in the protest, as she arrived after it happened. She immediately got to work stealing cigarettes and selling them to imates at ludicrous prices.

Transfer to BarnhurstEdit

Noeline was given the opportunity to be part of the work release program that took place at a nearby textile factory. She used the opportunity to steal (naturally) and was reported by Kay White, who had been stealing since the beginning and her and Noeline were accomplices. Noeline was then transfered to a country prison (Barnhurst) for her own protection, without saying goodbye to anyone (otherwise known as Shanghai-ed).