"By rights she should be in the lockup. But she's in the hospital."

Marty Jackson is the son of Meg Jackson (later Morris) and Bill Jackson. He originally appeared as a young lad who kept on leaving random notes to get his mum's attention. Meg was too busy with work to be bothered with him. Marty left home. His later incarnation followed in his mother's steps by becoming a prison officer; he initially left the Navy after his friend was killed in a fire, and as seen in episodes 629 and 630, it has left a mental scar in his memory. Before he became a prison officer, he was a very troublesome kid who was not on good terms with his mother at all (although this improves greatly in later episodes). He initially ran away from home, after his father Bill Jackson was murdered by Chrissie Latham in the riot, started by Franky Doyle.

As a Navy OfficerEdit

Later in life, a few years after his father's death, he joined the Navy. While on holiday leave, he was in a relationship with ex prisoner Jenny Gleason (Randi Goodlove) much to the dismay of his mother who knew who she was from the moment they met each other but went back to work for the Navy shortly after; feeling very guilty after he had accidentally put his mother's life in grave danger by introducing Dennis Quinn to Meg.


Marty young to old

Job at WentworthEdit

Although he proved not to be a pushover, he was very kind to the women, like his mother, Meg. Sometime before the end of Prisoner (episode 684), Marty was framed for drug smuggling by Kath Maxwell and was temporarily suspended. Luckily for him in episode 688, he was reinstated as an officer, much to the relief of the other officers, after Kath Maxwell confessed to framing Marty, and to smuggling the drugs into the prison. But Marty Jackson also learned a powerful and painful lesson on parental love when Meg almost charged him with trespassing in the process, and he has been extra careful since to remain in his mother's good books. Both he and Meg, as son and mother, have remained close ever since. He was one of very few prison officers to abide by the rules.Marty was part of the guard unit sent to deal with the Blackmoor Riot and was told to stand down by Craven when Bongo Connors was withdrawing from drugs, Connors was shot and it sent Marty into depression and anger about how Craven dealt with Bongo. Afterr that Marty was almost sent to Smithton when Joan took over as Governor and was part of the news program that destroyed Joan's governorship.


  • It is yet unknown whether or not a character will be based on Marty Jackson in Wentworth; but because the new Meg had an abortion three weeks before she was killed, we will never know.
  • Marty Jackson was portrayed by Michael Winchester, but he was originally portrayed by Ronald Korosy and Andrew McKaige.
  • Marty Jackson is the only prison officer who has pyrophobia (a fear of fire).
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