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"Remember the siege?"

Linda Miles is the Deputy Governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre. Linda was promoted to acting deputy governor before receiving full permanent promotion to the role.

Linda before becoming a correctional officer was a former teacher until she lost her job and decided to train and become a correctional officer.

Linda is seen as a very dry and sarcastic person by both prisoners and staff, but Linda's personality dramatically changes after the siege and she becomes more hardened and tougher, the siege left Linda broken, with the job becoming her "this is it".

Miles suffers from Post Traumatic Stress after the events of the siege which results in flashbacks during a riot.

Linda is ironically nicknamed 'Smiles' due to her all but cold demeanour.

Linda Miles survives the prison explosion.


The backstory for Linda Miles was self written by Linda's actor Jacquie Brennan. Linda's life had fallen apart due to her gambling addiction and was quite possibly an alcoholic. This resulted in the breakdown of her marriage after her gambling had lost the house. Linda also lost her job as a successful teacher and became a prison guard to be 'well paid', but in the end Linda's job in corrections was "this was it" meaning that the job had become her life because "there was nothing else".

In Series One, Linda was a minor officer. All we knew about her was that she was a fun loving officer who enjoyed a drink, and was social, often being the one to organise the after hours staff drinks and events like darts or lawn bowls. 

Linda was a formerly trained highly successful teacher, but she lost her job due to amassing her gambling debt, so Linda moved into corrections for the "challenge".

It is revealed in season 2 that Linda has a gambling addiction.

In season 1 is given the iconic nickname "Smiles" by Franky during episode 3 when Franky is taken to the governors office.

In season 7 Linda is promoted to acting deputy governor and her gambling problem goes over the literal edge, and she goes into $20,000 debt.

After the siege Linda receives a full promotion from acting deputy governor to deputy governor.

Linda also suffers flashbacks to the siege which leads to Linda's Post Traumatic Stress.

Season 1 and 2

Linda makes her first appearance in 1x2 during a governor's meeting about the ongoing investigation into the former Governor Meg Jackson's death. Vera states the new security measures while Linda states to Vera "You try patrolling the compound with no guarantee it wont happen again." with Vera telling them that's why they patrol in pairs, Linda replies back "All they need is two shivs." Linda also laughs at a bad joke Channing makes while the guards also welcome back Will.

Linda receives her iconic nickname of "Smiles" in 1x3 when escorting Franky to the governor's office. Linda and other officers argue about changes to isolation with Linda bringing up the point of officers safety

Linda Miles

and even says "have fun making that call" when Erica wants all prisoners to see the psych before they are released from isolation. And later escorts Franky's father to medical, and then tells him he has to leave when Franky no longer wants to speak with him.

Linda in 1x4 is first seen during a meeting for the prison event that is coming up and takes on the event after Fletch says he has worked too much and is seen with Vera later slotting Ronnie after her daughter is used as a drug mule, and is seen with the governor telling Jacs that her husband was released from Walford. Linda is standing guard during the event and calls out names, when Liz disappears and returns, Liz talks and everyone realises she is drunk, Linda and another guard have no choice but to slot Liz as a result, Liz attempts to resist the guards and even calls Linda "Lindy" aggressively before escorting Liz out of the event.

Linda in 1x5 is seen telling Franky that the governor wishes to see her in education. Linda is later seen eating lunch and talking with Fletch about the trivia night at the local pub and how she is going out to the pub to do some and invites Fletch to come along.

Linda in 1x6 laughs with officers when a news report about Erica gets leaked to the press and the officers watch the report in the staff room and even says when Erica finds out about it she "will freak" about the report and then replays the report again to Vera, Linda later has dining room duty with Vera and Vera sees a chance to get out of the house and asks if she can check out the bar Linda is checking out as well, Linda agrees and of course goes out with Vera and the two come into work the next day hungover and says they should do it again, she is also present when Vera's mother admits that she has never had a boyfriend.

Linda is seen in 1x7 first escorting Franky back to the compound after her stay in isolation, also escorts Simmo back into the prison yard, does a cell toss and stands with Will and Erica after Bea is attacked in her unit and asks Vera how bad she is, Linda claims they should be paid danger money after "what happened to Meg", Linda later informs Debbie (Bea's Daughter) the prison is in lockdown and no one is allowed to come in.

In 1x8 Linda is first seen during Erica's meeting about the ongoing turf war between Jacs and Franky. Later opens the door for Franky who asks Linda for a Smile. Linda is later on visitor centre duty and scans in both Vera and Will through security saying "Bloody underwire bras" to Vera when the detector goes off when Vera smuggles in morphine for Jacs and "belt. again." to Will after he comes back into the prison, Linda is seen escorting Jacs to her visit with Vinnie and back to the unit when Jacs refuses to listen to Vinnie. Linda is later seen after a random spot check and stands outside for Jacs' second box visit with Brayden.

Is seen in 1x9 getting the doctor for Erica when Bea reacts to her daughters death. 

Linda in 1x10 oversees a tense breakfast in the dining room and later in the yard tells Jacs the governor wants to see her during a meeting about Jacs and Bea Linda disagrees with the way that Erica decides to set things up between Bea and Jacs, claiming that the governor was stirring them both. Later Linda and a guard slot Bea for killing Jacs. 

Linda appears in the season 2 Premiere listening to the new governor Joan Ferguson (Wentworth) say they will get the drugs problem out of the prison. Linda is later seen in the governors office with Franky. Linda later appears in the staffroom where Ferguson thanks Linda for the tip and to "keep up the good work" and requests Linda to transfer Kim Chang to another unit. When Bea returns to work unit Linda is seen overseeing it and when Franky asks for another favour Linda tells her that Franky almost "fucked it for the both of them." and tells her to get back to work.

Linda in 2x2 is seen overseeing the garden project with the prisoners from Walford and listens to horse races alongside officer Steve Faulkner (Wentworth). Linda calls Franky "deluded" when Franky wants to bring drugs in through the project, Linda refuses to be a part of it and tells Franky she messed up plans the last time. 

Linda in 2x3 is seen in the governors meeting called by Ferguson to inform them of the garden project and Linda is put on garden detail again and shares a laugh with Faulkner. Later has duty in the dining room where Boomer distracts her by complaining about her hotdog while Franky talks with Simmo. Linda later does a cell toss in H4 and oversees work detail and tells Bea to start mopping properly when she starts talking with Simmo. Linda is later seen talking with Steve Faulkner (Wentworth) putting on a bet for the horse race at Cranbrooke.

Linda in 2x4 is seen with Bea asking her for information regarding the new prisoners who have just come in, Linda tells Bea she can slot her for "attempting to bribe an officer", but says she'll see what she can find. Linda and the women make a bet about Maxine and Linda puts $50 on Maxine being "all woman" and later wins the bet as a result. Linda later tells Fletch that drugs have gone missing from medical and it was tenadol and that if there was an overdose to "expect seizures". Linda later tells Bea that Maxine is in for stabbing her boyfriend and Jess was in for assault but parts of her file were marked "governors eyes only", and the junkie was in for robbing a 7/11, Bea then asks which one it is and how would she know, Linda walks away saying "I guess you don't.". Linda in the last scene with the prisoners in the garden project being handed $50 while Doreen and Nash are in the shed.

Linda in 2x5 is seen in the garden and when asked where the men are she tells the prisoners that Walford's in lockdown after a bunch of overdoses.  When Boomer goes missing, Linda is one of the officers who help search for her and when walking several prisoners back to their units, she lies to Simmo (on Bea's orders) and says that she saw her daughter leave with Brayden Holt. Linda and a group of prisoners find Boomer in the laundry shoot. Linda informs the governor that Boomer has been found and Linda slots Boomer as a result.

Linda in 2x6 is first seen escorting prisoners back inside when Sky gets so high she climbs onto the roof, she tells Boomer to get inside or she will slot her. Linda later takes on garden detail again and alongside others are distracted by a magpie and when screams come from the shed, Linda and Steve rush to the shed for aid. It is revealed that Linda was suspended after the incident.

Linda in 2x7 is first seen with Fletcher when Vera goes to apologise to him, Linda asks Vera if it is about her mother, but Vera decides to leave without explaining anything else. Linda returns to work the following morning and asks if she and Vera are "okay", Vera agrees that they are fine. When Vera gets sent home, Joan informs Vera that Linda will take over her duties and when Vera walks through the corridors Linda is on duty and asks Vera if she is ok, Vera simply tells her to "Fuck off Linda.". Linda is last seen talking to Franky who wants information, Linda also blames Franky for her suspension, and she reveals that Fletcher never went near the drugs as he handed the package to the governor and that her information will need a money transaction and to have it in "by Friday".

In 2x8 is seen in the dining room, telling Franky to stop complaining and find the "rat" in the ranks. Linda later stands guard for drug testing when it is found out one of the prisoners is pregnant, Linda is then caught talking with Franky and sent straight into medical overseeing testing. Linda is later seen in the laundry taking Doreen to get more starch. Franky tells Linda in the library that she will take her down with her if she doesn't find out who has been lagging. Linda later goes to the governors office with invoices and asks the governor if she knows anything, Ferguson shuts Linda down and Linda leaves.

In 2x9 is seen in the laundry with Will, and later in the staffroom where Vera has a conversation with Linda about the garden project, where Linda is scolded for her actions in the projects and Vera asks her if she allowed fraternization between prisoners and Linda reveals something to Vera about the project.

In 2x10 is seen telling Liz that she has a visitor, it is Bea and she gives them a few minutes before telling them their time is up, Linda is later seen escorting Boomer back to the laundry and yells when Boomer throws a laundry basket. Linda is then seen on dining room duty.

In 2x11 is seen running to medical during the first scenes. Linda is later seen in laundry telling the prisoners that lunch is up, and later seen in the governors meeting and when Fletcher's card goes missing is talking with Ferguson about Fletch's goodbye. is seen again in medical and is told not to cuff Smith's wrists after the fight in the laundry.

In 2x12 is seen walking into the staffroom claiming "Ferguson has lost it" and that Fletch has picked a good time to get out and saying that Walford should be a breeze after Wentworth. She asks Fletch if he wants to come for drinks, Fletch agrees only if Ferguson wont be there. When Vera comes into the room and says to Fletch that Ferguson wants to see him and Fletch replies with a joke about a cake and Linda laughs. Linda is seen in the dining room telling prisoners to "clean up" the mess. Linda is later seen telling Nash he'll have to wait for his application to be approved before he can speak with Doreen, at the same time tells Fletch she can't let him back in, and finally gives Fletch her card, but tells Nash to leave again.

Season 3 and 4

During the riot at the start of season 3 Linda is seen during the governors meeting after Bea is brought back from her sentencing and tells the governor that the women are already on edge and that things will be unbearable if they take away their smokes, Linda is the one who informs the women about the smoke ban and tells them to blame Bea for it. Linda is also in the kitchen when the prison goes into lockdown, Linda is summoned to the security room and is in the room when Ferguson refuses to open the door to solitary and when Channing overrules Ferguson, Linda gives an angry look at Ferguson.

In 3x2 first seen when Juice tells Linda that she "looks nice today" and then informs Liz that her daughter Sophie has applied to visit her, and is later seen on kitchen duty overseeing a delivery. Is later seen telling Will that the governor wishes to see him.

In 3x3 seen first patrolling the compound when she is asked by Bea if Will has come into work yet, Linda asks why and she tells Bea that he will be at work in an hour. Later is on medication duty and tells Cindy Lou to move on after Tina tells the nurse that the dose is not enough, Lou curses at Linda and Bea asks if Will is in the office and she nods, is seen telling Franky that the governor wants her out of the slot and that she is being released back into general, when Franky refuses Linda goes in and drags her out.

In 3x4 is first seen in the strip search room with another officer after Liz's daughter Sophie is brought in and she refuses to comply with officers. Is last seen for the count and tells prisoners to line up and tells Liz and Sophie to hurry up.

In 3x5 Linda is first seen doing duty in the kitchen when one of the prisoners complains that it is cold Linda reveals the heating has been turned off on governors orders and it won't be back on until winter. When Fletcher refuses to return to work Linda tells Vera the truth of what happened during the riot and that Channing took over, with Vera saying that they don't try to make deals with prisoners. Linda welcomes Fletch back to work and tells him she is sorry that she didn't visit him in hospital and Fletch responds telling her that it is fine, Linda feeling awkward in the situation tells Fletch she has to go and she walks away..

In 3x6 is seen letting Will talk with Bea and later knocks on the glass telling them their conversation is over, stands on medication duty when Rose breaks up with Will and later tells Bridget that the hearing has started and she escorts her to the room.

In 3x7 oversees Bea's treatment after she was drugged by Ferguson's thug Jesper. Linda and Bridget attempt to calm her down after her first freak out in the psych unit and tells the nurse that they will need sedation, and comes back later and tells her if she tries anything else again she will clean wet cells for a week and when Bea refuses to have a shower under officer watch Linda tells Bea she isn't in the mood. Oversees dining room duty and tells Fletch to shut the door when he opens it accidentally when Linda and another officer are performing a strip search on a prisoner.

During 3x8 gives an amazing one liner to a stunned Jess Warner, when she asks Linda if they can get in some ice-cream and Linda replies "Yeah... I'll just ring Mr Whippy." Linda is later on reception duty with Fletch and wonders why a fish is still in reception after it was delivered the day before and later helps move Doreen's stuff to protection.

During 3x9 is seen with another officer bringing Doreen and Josh back from the hospital and even plays a game of peek-a-boo with Josh before escorting Doreen back to her unit. Is there when Nash visits the prison and he is taken in for a search of the toys where drugs are found, Linda taps him on the shoulder and Nash is taken into the room and asked why there are drugs in the toys.

During 3x10 Linda is first seen in the showers with the governor when Cindy Lou overdoses and dies, is told to toss cells by an angry Ferguson, and does the toss with Fletcher which results in Franky being slotted for possibly "banking" contraband. Linda is seen standing beside the governor when she is talking with Franky.

During 3x11, Linda and several other prisoners take Ferguson down a rung by breaking into her office, Linda uses her computer skills to make it look like Vera was in the governors office during the night and the following morning stands with Vera as they 'welcome' back several prisoners which include Jodie and Juice, Vera reveals she doubled up and Linda replies that the guards are "overworked, underpaid and underappreciated" and is also present when they have to strip search Juice during her return to the prison and watches on as Will is escorted out of the staff room by the police. Linda is paid by Maxine after editing the files so it looks like Vera had entered Joan's office.

During the events of 3x12, Linda tells Bea that she has a visitor in the morning and tells Maxine to get back to her unit for the count, Linda is also told by Ferguson to give Bea a box visit with Proctor, and when Ferguson stops in the hallway Linda asks if she is ok, Ferguson tells her to get back to work, which Linda does. Linda escorts Bea back to her unit when Will is taken away by the police. Linda alerts the governor that Doreen's baby has gone missing and orders an immediate lockdown as a result, Linda also helps evacuate the prison after Ferguson starts a fire in industries, Linda tells Vera that they need to let the firefighters deal with the fire, outside the prison. Linda and several prisoners react to explosions and stops Doreen from rushing over to see her son after Bea brings him out safely and Linda later takes Bea back to the other prisoners for a head count, Linda watches on as Ferguson is taken away by the cops. 

Linda Miles

In 4x1, Linda lets the governor know the prisoners have returned from Walford Prison, and escorts Kim Chang back to H1, and lets Doreen use the phones. Linda is seen walking out of the laundry when Bea and Kaz meet. Is seen in the meeting where it is revealed that Ferguson has been returned to prison and tells Will that he should've left Ferguson to burn. Is later seen trying to subdue Kim Chang who is having a meth freakout, she screams at Radcliffe who repeats "someone hold her still" Linda replying that it was easier said then done. Linda is last seen telling an officer to remove Doreen from the protection unit because Ferguson was there.

In 4x2 Linda informs Vera that Ferguson wishes to speak with her. Is later seen in the yard when the Red Right Hand launch a drone into the prison, Linda and several guards try and take control of the situation and when they finally do everyone is sent to their units. Is seen telling Vera something outside medical before being seen again when Ferguson says "I heard you had trouble in the yard." Linda looks up at Vera and makes a quick exit.

Linda in 4x3 is seen watching Ferguson's doomed time in the yard as the prisoners almost attack Ferguson, but are stopped by Doreen, Linda escorts injured officer Mitch to medical and is later seen giving Ferguson lunch and when Ferguson asks if the meal was made by prisoners Miles just replies "No Jamie Oliver", Ferguson then goads Linda into doing something for her for a donation to her gambling fund, Linda reluctantly agrees, and during the night takes Bea to see Joan who organises an attack on herself, Bea refuses and later walks away. Linda is seen escorting Ferguson to the showers and seen again moving the camera with a mop. Linda is utterly horrified when the attack goes wrong and Linda goes to call it in but Bea tells her not to Linda replies "Look at her" as she is in complete shock Bea manages to snap Linda out of her horror snaps her out and says to help Ferguson back to her unit, Linda manages to get Ferguson back to her cell and gets her onto the bed and under the covers and tells her she needs medical attention but she refuses and tells Linda to leave, Linda does so and stands outside her cell completely horrified, Linda then watches Kaz come back into the unit and regains a sort of horrified composure. 

In 4x4 is first seen doing the count and calls Ferguson's name twice before Ferguson comes out of her cell. Linda later tells prisoners in the dining room to shut up or she will slot them after they cause a ruckus when Ferguson comes for breakfast. Will asks why Ferguson was not taking meals in her cell when Linda just tells him "apparently not.". Linda later remains quiet during a governors meeting after Ferguson's injuries are revealed, Linda states that Ferguson was fine when she handed her over and her injuries happened because she moved into general. Linda is later seen telling Jenkins to hurry up and that her "hair is fine" when Jenkins is preparing for her conjugal. Escorts her there. Linda is later seen asking Bea why she isn't at work unit, and Bea steals her radio to inform Will that he is in trouble. Bea refuses to talk with the governor and Linda escorts her back to her unit smugly saying "not so popular now" and that the slot should be interesting.

In 4x5 is seen inducting a new prisoner Tasha and handing her over to Doreen informing Tasha that Doreen is peer worker and Linda tells Doreen to conduct the orientation. Linda is later fawning over the new officer Jake Stewart when Linda goes to leave work but after Will says not to bother about it because Jake is "gay" later Linda is lseen in the laundry when Tasha breaks the panic button rule.. Linda is last seen telling Vera that Jake is gay.

In 4x6 Linda hands Kaz pictures from the visitor she had, she is later seen roaming the corridors when Doreen is trying to find Tasha, Linda shakes her head and she doesn't know where she went, and later informs Vera that the brawler for Sonia has arrived.

In 4x7 Linda informs Doreen that Tasha is strapped to a bed in psych unit after Tasha in the previous episode tried to hang herself and she is "not good". Doreen asks if there was anything else they could have done, Linda just replies with "Should've told her not to press the button". Linda is later seen after Doreen breaches the rules and presses the panic button and informs everyone that all officers had to stay back because of it, she later tells Will in the staff room that she had a date and Vera knew, Linda states that she was playing favourites as a result, but Vera comes in an tells her that she needs her "most senior officers on site" and that as governor she would be calling an early muster. Will looks at Linda who says "it's not funny". The next day, is seen after Kaz's sentencing where Kaz undresses and throws both of her heels at Linda, in which Linda catches one of them and the other falls to the floor.

In 4x8 is seen in the governors office when Boomer is making her case to help Maxine at the hospital.

In 4x9 is first seen escorting both Bridget and Bea to the yard after Bea's stay in medical. Is apart of the governors meeting where Ferguson's officer protection detail for Medical is announced.

In 4x10 Escorts Boomer to medical after she fakes a bout of stomach troubles, but later slots her for trying to steal a syringe from medical, Linda walks past with another officer when prisoners are on the phone as Doreen puts the phone back aggressively Linda asks Doreen if she would like to cool down in the slot, Kaz tells Doreen to drop it and they walk off and so does Linda and the other officer. While in the slot Linda gives Boomer her dinner.

In 4x11 is first seen escorting Ferguson to the showers and when she see's Bea and Allie making out she tells them to "Finish That In H1", later stops a fight from breaking out in the yard between Bea and Kaz, and has Ferguson duty not long after she asks Jake what is for lunch and says pumpkin soup Linda reacts with a scoff walking out of medical calling the prisoners "fucking bitches", she later tells Allie to get back to kitchen clean up "now" and when Allie says can she go to the toilet first, tells Allie to "squirt it out, Novak." Linda is later seen breaking up a fight in the yard between Kaz and Bea and again seen complaining to Jake about watching over Ferguson.

4x12 Linda tells the governor that Will has gone with Allie and informs the governor that Allie is critical, as a result of this all other officers are searched and Linda is clean and gives a foul look to Vera as a result, as Maxine has to go for treatment Linda goes and later sets up a call between Maxine and Bea, Linda is also in the room when Allie goes into cardiac arrest and is ushered out of the room with Maxine.

Season 5 and 6

In 5x1 Linda is seen with other guards guarding the prison courtyard during the memorial service for Bea and when Vera has a flashback to moments after the murder of Smith and tells Vera she has blood on her face, and later showing Allie back into the prison, as well as telling a group of upset prisoners they need to empty out Bea's cell and says its not "the Taj Mahal", Linda calls it in and Jake tells the prisoners it can wait until Allie comes back. Later on appears when Brenda Murphy losses her job as she is made a scapegoat for Smith's entry into 'No Man's Land' Linda watches Murphy clear out her locker. Linda is asked to escort her out, Linda nods compiling with governors orders.

In 5x2 gives a foul look to Franky when she opens the door to the brawler and escorts Franky to reception where Franky spots Allie in medical. Linda is later seen escorting Maxine into the yard and to a brawler to Barnhurst.

Linda, Will, Vera and Jake

In 5x3 Linda is seen telling Sonia that the brawler has arrived for court. Linda and Peta stop a fight in the showers after Radic takes Chang hostage for drugs. Linda tells her to drop the shiv, which she does, Chang and Radic are both slotted with Linda swearing at them both telling them they should know "the fucking rules".

In 5x4 Is seen after Liz goes to the governors officer Linda informs her that Sonia has requested her to phone her, Linda says that Sonia "caught a lucky break", later seen in the dining room when Franky spits out her food onto the floor, Linda calls Franky disgusting and tells her to get a mop and clean it up, when Franky riles up the prisoners, Linda tells them all the shut up or she'll slot them all. Later seen during a cell toss when the workman who was fixing the fridge reported a missing spanner and Ferguson distracts Linda with a false race tip "Furphy" maybe to get her to say something about the officer who go framed for letting her into "no mans land"  and Linda tells Ferguson to stop wasting her time before telling Juice to get out of her cell or she will "haul her out." Linda is later seen escorting Liz back to her unit when Liz sees that Sonia has been returned to Wentworth

Linda during the events of 5x5 is first seen talking with Bridget when she searches for her swipe card in the staffroom, Linda reminds Bridget of the last person who lost their card. Linda escorts Kaz outside to the brawler and Will takes Linda's place in the brawler and he tells her to take his shift in J block which Linda agrees on calling court "boring as batshit". 

In 5x6 Linda unlocks the gate to the workshop and tells Sonia and Boomer that the tools in there need to be rechecked and certified, Linda says she can get the prison sparky to fast track it for the right price. Linda takes Lucy too see the governor and later is seen with guards wishing Vera a happy birthday and is seen in the yard overseeing the garden reveal, and when Lucy comes out missing her tongue, Linda grabs Vera and moves her away from the mess with a look of absolute horror on her face. 

In 5x7 appears with officers putting out fires lit by inmates to score drugs through the sanitary bins. Makes contact with Will and they bust Tina and Kim but find no drugs. Is seen in the yard when Doreen gets her parole and is being released. She tells Doreen she "Doesn't want to see her back here" and after her goodbyes, Linda escorts her out of the yard.

In 5x8 first seen in the yard when Allie gives her money to let her and Franky into the laundry, later escorts them both to the laundry and tells them they have 10 minutes, when she walks out she runs into Ferguson,. Linda has dining room duty when Franky asks Linda to make an appointment to see Bridget, but she tells her she's not a secretary and asks Franky "what's got into you.." before agreeing to make an appointment, Linda later takes Liz to see Bridget and also confirms Franky would like to see her. Afterward Linda takes Liz to see Vera. Later tells Franky that Bridget went home because she was sick. Linda is last seen telling Will "what the hell is the CSDS doing here?" calling it a waste of time and money.

In 5x9 first seen giving Allie the time when Franky throws a tennis ball over the wall which contains plans of the prison showers. Later is on night duty when Liz starts crying and loud shouting that she may have killed Don, Linda asks what is going on because it "doesn't sound like nothing" and to inform her when Liz really does kill someone.

5x10 Linda takes Liz to the governor and says she doesn't know what she wants as she is distressed and says its a matter of 'life and death'. Linda and another guard later slot Franky after Ferguson snaps Iman's neck.

Linda is held hostage during Ferguson's Kangaroo court

During 5x11 Linda takes Ferguson to see acting governor Channing and later when Ferguson faces kangaroo court, Linda is taken as a hostage and the prison is put on lockdown. As the kangaroo court gets more advanced to the point the prisoners lynch Ferguson, Vera makes a break for it and goes into the compound and tells Billie Latham to drop the shiv, as Latham threatened to kill Linda as a result. Vera then mentions to Latham she has two more months left to serve and that killing an officer would get her 20 years, after that Vera then shouts at Latham to finally drop the shiv and she does, letting go of Linda, and Linda gets back to safety. 

In 5x12 Linda escorts Ferguson back to general and goes back into the staffroom where she says they may as well fill out Proctor's death certificate now because she's "dead meat" when she gets back into the compound, Will tells her to shut up and Linda tells him not to get mad at her, but then makes a great point about Ferguson, that someone is helping her on the outside 'Just look at that Jesper guy..' she says as she is leaving the room. Linda is later seen in the dining room helping out with the code black and requesting an ambulance when Sonia collapses and later tells Boomer that Sonia is "critical" and "might not make it.". During the last moments of season 5 is seen taking the roster for night lockup and calls Doyle's name when she doesn't respond she goes to look in her cell and shows that she isn't there.

In 6x1 we see Linda with guards moving several prisoners from J block to H block and when Allie asks Linda if she can speak with Jake Stewart and Linda says that she'll "pop a note in his diary" and that Ruby has been moved to the unit and to "play nice." Linda is later seen in the dining room telling Boomer to sit down after Boomer wants to know news on Sonia, and then later seen rushing Baxter to medical. Linda is last seen in the laundry walking out to let Kaz dispense justice.

In 6x2 Linda watches over a fight in the plant room, Linda lets Sonia see Boomer in the slot when Sonia arrives back from the hospital. Linda lets Juice and Ruby into the plant room where two prisoners are fighting in fight club and wondered what took them so long to get there, later seen in the dining room talking with Kaz after the lockdown where a body was found in the showers and later breaks up a fight when Baxter attacks Ruby after Sharon is found dead in the showers, Linda and two other guards slot Baxter. 

In 6x3 tells Liz that she has a visitor and sees the TV with Franky being shot saying it wont be long before Franky is back behind bars, is present with a fellow officer watching Ruby's fight between Baxter in which Ruby wins and Kaz is furious that fight club is still happening. Linda later escorts Bridget to the governors office when Bridget helps Franky clear her name.

Linda in ep 4 escorts Marie in to the prison and takes Marie to see the governor. Later escorts the new prisoners into the yard and opens the door for Liz and Marie. and is apart of the team used for taking apart the Garden Workshop until it is back on again, and Linda tells her group to leave. Later stands outside the strip search room as Rita and Ruby finish their visits.

In 6x5 is seen telling Marie that her request for some of her sons belongings has been denied, and when Vera calls Linda into discuss the matter Linda asks if its a good idea, Vera says to just do it and the next morning Linda brings in a box of stuff which has been checked and cleared, Linda later tells Liz to get to work unit but not without Linda telling Liz not to "fuck up the kettle too."  Linda also releases Rita from the slot so she can talk to the cops after Linda and Officer Webb break up a fight between Rita and Kosta.

In 6x6 Linda is first seen letting Rita out of the slot and is later seen in the laundry watching people come in and reading the bet sheet. Linda lets Ruby and Allie to get a "magazine" from the education centre, and Allie improvises fainting to stall time for Ruby to steal the paper. Linda is also present when Vera informs "her senior staff" that she fired Nurse Radcliffe after drugs went missing, Linda claims she "didn't see it coming" sarcastically. Linda is later seen with the inmates listening to Liz and Sonia's interview and is later in the yard getting the inmates away from Liz after it is revealed she is Witness X.

In 6x7 is first seen putting up a poster in the staffroom about power problems and is seen in the laundry room and walking out of it when Kaz tells the women something, tells Vera that Spike was released 10 minutes early. Later seen in medical when Liz gets Sonia's confession after Sonia is struck by Spike

During 6x8 Linda is first seen taking Kaz to Vera's office. Linda and Vera learn of Ruby's brain aneurysm and during a prisoner break Linda learns that Ruby has decided to fight and so she breaks protocol to tell Allie that Ruby has a brain aneurysm and that she needs to 'stop the fight' because one hard blow to Ruby's head would kill her. 

Seen in 6x9 when Will is eating breakfast and asks if the milk is off Will replies yes and Linda gets an apple out of the fridge and says that the toaster is on the blink and the bread isn't fresh either and when she is called to the gatehouse, Will asks if its about Ferguson, Linda replies its not and its about Connors. Linda is seen escorting Rita to the interview room and says to her that she is "popular with these blokes." and Rita replies that they must have something in common, is seen again outside the showers when Cherry Li and Boomer fight, Linda is disappointed when Boomer loses. Linda is later seen in the dining room when Will has a freak out and sees Ferguson in Cherry Lee's form, when Will is lead out of the room, Linda tells Cherry to clean the mess up.

In 6x10 Linda informs Rita that Cherry Lee's injuries have left her a quadriplegic and if Rita knows anything, Rita says she doesn't Linda walks away saying "didn't think so.", Linda later tells Boomer she has a visitor in the morning and later tosses Boomer's cell as she heard a tip off from a prisoner, Linda finds the weapon planted in Boomer's cell and its covered in blood, Linda and several guards slot Boomer on Vera's orders. Linda later has laundry duty when a prisoner keels over in pain after taking gear that is laced with rat poison and is later seen with Liz in the slot giving Boomer dinner, Liz asks Linda if they can have a moment and she lets them. 

During 6x11 is seen escorting disgraced former general manager Derek Channing into the governors office and she says she is surprised to see him, Derek tells her "get used to it, honey bun." and watches as prisoners go off as they recognise him, later escorts Channing out and asks if he will be back Channing walks away telling Linda to "fuck off", Linda tells Drago that the alarm before was for a "shit fight in the laundry"  and is also paid by Drago for information in Ruby's file.

During 6x12 Linda escorts both Detective Collins and Hydari to the governors office and tells Boomer that the governor wishes to see her and is among many officers that are among the suspects questioned by police in relation to the murder of Joan Ferguson but the investigation goes toward the more senior officers, Linda tells Drago that Ruby is set to be transferred to Barnhurst from a form that was outside of corrections "which was weird" and Linda watches fight between Rita and Drago, and as the fight turns bloody Linda tries to stop the fight on several occasions but is pushed back by several prisoners. When the fight ends, Linda is the one who checks the pulse of Drago, and when there is none Linda looks at Will and her face drops, Linda slots Rita and when asked by Marie "what happened" Linda informs Marie that Rita has killed Drago.

Season 7

Linda is first seen episode one releasing Rita from the slot, and escorting her back to general population, as well as telling Kaz how long Marie got which was a 15 year sentence. Linda takes Boomer to see the governor and tells Liz to go back to her unit as the governor only wanted Boomer, and takes Rita to the governor as well, is then seen with another officer trying to subdue junkie inmate Kylee Webb when Webb attacks Kaz which results in making her angrier and Webb runs for it and takes Governor Bennett hostage, Linda tells Webb to drop the shiv twice, but Linda listens to Governor Bennett's orders to open the doors to the yard and Linda informs all officers via radio that a prisoner has the governor hostage. Linda is later seen during Rita's wedding, escorting Ruby and Rita to the visitors centre, and letting them into the room, Linda receives word over the radio of Ray's arrival and goes outside. Linda moments later comes back into the room with a grim look on her face and tells Vera that Ray has been shot and killed outside the prison gates.

Linda receives the promotion to Acting Deputy

After Will becomes Acting Governor in episode two, the position of Deputy Governor becomes available Linda asks who will be the new acting deputy Will replies he will be interviewing candidates and he encourages all the senior officers to apply and Linda says she is "up for it", as Jake thinks its a joke that Linda would go for it, both Linda and Jake apply alongside multiple other guards. Will doesn't really think either are suitable but in the end picks Linda because he cant trust Jake. Linda also tells Rita that she looked at the footage of the shooting outside the prison saying it "wasn't pretty" and he took two in the chest with sawned-off shotgun and that it was a member of the Butchers Biker Gang who did it as it looked liked they wanted to make a point , Linda also has cleaning duty where she is watching prisoners clean around the corridors of the prison, and tells Allie if she wants to join it would cost her $50, Allie declines and walks away as Alston distracts Linda with a complaint of a broken spray bottle when Kaz and Rita steal chemicals. Linda is later seen on night shift coming from H1 when Vera asks where the music is coming from Linda replies 'yep' and leaves.

In episode 3 Linda officially begins her duties as Acting Deputy Governor and requests Will come to admin over the radio and takes her promotion to deputy very seriously when Boomer asks her how much it would cost to get a conjugal visit for Liz, but at first Linda refuses to claiming she didn't want to lose her job as she was the deputy governor now. Tells Will that Kaz wants to see him, and makes friends with new officer Sean Brody who also likes to put on a bet and begins his manipulation of Linda as he gives Linda a few tips and makes fun of her when she misses out on a winner claiming "ya snooze ya lose", Sean the next day gives Linda another hot tip and later Linda tells Boomer if she wants the paperwork for Liz that it will cost her big, Linda doesn't realise that Sean is manipulating her. 

Linda in episode 4 takes Liz for her conjugal visit after signing off on paperwork, when the visitor dies Liz makes Linda check to make sure he is really dead and he is, Linda freaks out claiming she'll lose her job over it, Sean says she wont but Linda reveals she faked the paperwork and that he was a sex worker, but Sean comes up with an idea, Linda takes Liz back to H1 but not before telling her to keep her mouth shut or she'll put Liz in the psych unit. Linda wipes the footage and shreds the paperwork and gives Sean a mouthful when he jokes that he couldn't fit the body in the fridge claiming it "wasn't fucking funny." after Sean takes the body to the park after his shift the two look at a news report the following day and see that police found the body with no suggestion that he died at the prison and Linda reacts asking Sean how he can be so casual about it. Sean just replies "he was fucked to death" he then goads Linda into putting a bet on as he is as well, Linda refuses at first saying she's "all out til payday.", and Linda walks away saying she'll match it.

In episode 5, Linda stands with Will when the detectives come into the prison and start their investigation, Linda is later seen letting prisoners in the other blocks out and saying the lockdown has been lifted and that the H1 ladies are having a memorial for Kaz. Linda is seen in the yard holding a fire extinguisher with Jake asking if its necessary and Linda just replies "This place isn't burning down on my watch" a nod to Blood and Fire the prisoners mourn Kaz, when chaos ensues, Linda and Jake have to push past prisoners to get to Mon Alson who almost attacks Marie. Linda overhears Rita, Liz and Boomer talking about Stang and they say that Stang must've killed her but she tells Liz, Boomer and Rita that there theory is rubbish because Stang had been moved to protection way before Kaz had died, Linda then tells them that "they owe her" to find out what happened, Linda is seen in the dining room and tells Marie to sit but she sasses Linda and Linda gives her an angry look. Linda the next day arrives at work late as she was searching all the bins for the jumper until 5 in the morning, and talks with Jake and she says that something must be going on between Vera and Greg as she read the card that Greg gave Vera with the flowers, Jake doesn't see it and Linda just says "pregnant women get really horny." and that it must be "a real drag". Linda is then seen with Will and Jake, busting Kosta and Hutchins in a drug bust, but they find a lot more then they bargained for, the bloody hoodie that they've been trying to find, Linda and the officers slot Hutchins and Kosta.

Linda is seen in episode 6 releasing Kosta from isolation as Kosta says it only 'took them a week' and Linda tells Kosta "a lot can change in a week" and escorts her out of the slot. Linda is then seen telling Boomer that she has an appointment with Dr Miller, and then later escorts Marie to Vera and Vera tells her "Thank You, Miss Miles." Linda smugly replies "Deputy Governor" and seen escorting her again to her unit as Sean tells her he has the count. Linda escorts Boomer out to the carpark for day release and gets May to sign off of paperwork, when May says "I gotta keep her that long?" Linda frowns at the statement, and wishes Boomer 'good luck', before walking away, clearly bemused at the situation. Linda is seen with Marie again, with Marie wanting to know where the note came from during the ramp. When Liz asks Linda if Boomer should be back already, she replies that Boomer is spending the night at the lockup in Frankston. Linda later escorts Ruby and Rita to medical, when Ruby thinks she's about to have a seizure. 

Linda is seen in episode 7 first talking with Allie and Linda refuses Allie's request to move cells claiming the prison isn't "musical cells" and telling Allie to give them some news about Kaz, as they don't have any leads to her murder, when Allie complains about it Linda responds telling her "what do you want me to do? pull the killer outta my arse?" and that "they owe Kaz" to give them viable information. Linda then walks over to Sean and says she wants to put a bet on, but Sean says that Linda is already $20k in debt and that his bookie is hanging over his shoulder for a payment, but Sean agrees to spot Linda when she says she has a possible winner, Sean tells Linda to "get her finances in order" . Linda takes Winter to see Will and is later seen with Will telling him that Allie wants to move cells again and asks if she can take any of Jake's shifts and asks why he got suspended but gets no answer, Will agrees and says she can take any of his shifts including the graveyards as no one would be bothered to fight for them, Will then tells Linda to organise another ramp. Linda informs Will later that the ramp is ready, and they hit the compound with Linda telling May to "stand up and shut up" when they begin the ramp as May has gotten under the skin of everyone including the officers. Linda later takes on a graveyard shift and is asked by Boomer if there is any news on Ruby and if Vera is still in the prison, Linda tells Boomer that Vera has gone home for the night and Boomer offers to pay Linda $20 for it but Linda tells her not to worry as she will inform them if there is any news. Linda is later seen talking with Sean, and informs that the winner she had made her $3000, and Linda complains that she can't hack the double shifts as she is exhausted, Sean just tells her she'll have to get used to it because Jake wont be back for awhile, Linda tells Sean that all she needs is some good race tips and she can give doubles the boot, she walks out of the room, saying she owes him, again.

Linda in episode 8 is first seen listening to a race in the staffroom and she swears when the race losses and has a go at Sean and says "Nice fucking tip!" angry and upset storms out of the staffroom and is asked if she is okay by Jake whom Linda ignores. Linda escorts Rita to medical when she takes a sickie in the middle of work unit, and Linda is the one who breaks up Rita and the nurses fight and she slots both Marie and Rita. Linda escorts Marie alongside Sean to Marie's "court appearance" but Sean stops the brawler and tells Linda to get out and wait for him, Linda asks why and he says that if she keeps quiet her $20k debt will be "wiped clean.." When Sean comes back Linda asks what took him so long, Sean threatens Linda and tells her if she "wants to keep her kneecaps" that she should "keep her mouth shut" Linda reacts stunned, and when they arrive back at the prison, Linda is distraught when she opens the brawler doors and sees a distraught Marie, Sean tells Linda to keep calm. Linda can be heard crying and swearing under her breath in the staffroom when Sean is seen talking with her again, when he leaves the room, Jake asks if Linda is alright, Linda says she is "fine" which she clearly isn't, and Jake tells Linda that he knows about him and he is there for her if she needs to talk, Linda upset walks out of the staffroom and says "Thanks Jake." Linda breaks off her ties with Sean after this, but still gets manipulated.

In episode 9, Linda is first seen in the car talking with an unknown person, that is probably Sean's bookie, she hangs up and starts hitting her steering wheel, when Jake arrives at work he notices that Linda is not okay and gets into the car and speaks with Linda. Jake knows its related to Sean and Jake asks if he got her involved in the prison drug running, Linda says no and says she's not a dealer "for fuck sake", but reveals she owes $20k to Sean and his bookie and made a deal with him but doesn't tell Jake what the deal was, Linda breaks down and says she's "so fucked", Jake says everything will be ok and comforts her. Linda is seen in the staffroom and Sean asks to move shifts to visitors centre, Linda refuses at first but after Sean manipulates Linda some more and says the debt will be wiped out properly this time if everything goes to plan Linda tells him she will "Fuck him up" and Sean tells her "not without fucking yourself up". Linda is seen in the laundry with the prisoners, when the prison goes into lockdown, Jake tells Will that Linda owes Sean money, Will makes the call to Linda and asks her if she knows anything as Will says that she does owe Sean money Linda tells Will its not about the money its something to do with Sean and Marie and that's all she knows, Will then asks Linda if she could get the prisoners to the airlock outside and Linda looking out the door says that they can try at least and is informed that the airlock will be opened if they make it that far. Linda tells the

Linda breaks down after revealing her $20k debt

prisoners to keep quiet as they go to move to a safer spot in the prison, but get noticed when May drops her bottle of booze. The prisoners plus Linda are lead back into the laundry where they are taken hostage, Linda is forced to take off her guard belt and told to cover up the cameras and sit with the prisoners, Linda unties Vera's hands when she is brought into the laundry and when things don't go right for Sean he aims the gun at several prisoners and then the guards before firing, leaving Linda's fate unknown until episode 10.  

In episode 10,  Linda is with the prisoners where they are still being held hostage and is in shock when Kosta's body is taken into the hallway, and helps clean up the blood on the floor by placing a towel on the floor. Tells May that her comments aren't helping anything, and tells the group along with the gun Marie also has a shiv and when shots ring out through the prison, lowers her head in sadness, when Sean shoots May the group reacts and later covers up May's body with a sheet, Linda then asks alongside Allie for a doctor as Vera goes into labor and they try and comfort her as a result. Linda is seen with the prisoners in a teal tracksuit being the lead to get them onto the roof, they make it up to the roof and the fake guards get arrested by the SOG. Linda is later seen in the psych unit grabbing hold of Boomer after she smothers Liz with a pillow, Linda with Greg's help slots Boomer.

Season  8

In episode One Linda is first seen when the bus of 'A Class' prisoners arrives at Wentworth, and when Lou hurts a prisoner is seen getting on the bus and screaming at prisoners to sit down, Linda stands on the bus as Lou is taken to the slot. Linda later does Reb's strip search but Reb at first fails to comply and tries to escape, Linda gets her baton out and another officer stop him. Linda is last seen carrying a prisoner who had been attacked in the protection unit to medical.

Linda in episode two is seen taking Marie to see her lawyer, when she escorts Marie back to protection Marie stops to look at Ruby and Linda says that Ruby is up for parole unlike Winter. Linda is seen again escorting the police to the governors office and tells Vera that Marie has made an allegation, Vera tells Linda that she was going that way and will take them, Linda walks off saying she was trying to keep her steps up. Linda and other officers take the protection unit prisoners out for exercise and when one inmate argues with another Linda tells them to cut it out but is spat at as a result, and Linda tells the officers to restrain Rattray and Linda places a spit mask over Rattray's face and opens the gate for her to be taken out of the yard. Linda later tells Ruby that the governor wishes to speak with her..

Linda in episode three is first seen in the dining room telling inmates to sit down and shut up after they complain about the food. When Allie talks to Linda she just says she "wouldn't shit it" after the prison changed suppliers but tells Allie it's the new world order. Linda takes Judy to see NSO officer Tony Cockburn and escorts Judy back out when Judy complains about the way she was treated Linda retorts saying she doesn't care. Linda later tells the inmates they can starve after going on hunger strike and she says she "doesn't care" and "doesn't give a shit."

In episode four Linda is first seen during the meeting where Ann announces the closure of the Protection Unit, where she asks when is it happening, Ann tells her right away, Linda then tells Ann and Vera the police want Vera. Linda later tells Will about the governors meeting for the protection unit prisoners. Linda asks where Winter will be held, Jake replies that Winter will be placed in H5 as no prisoners in that unit were in the siege, Linda replies and tells him it "wasn't just the prisoners in the siege" and Linda later escorts them through the yard after watching them pack up their belongings. Linda stops Saad from attacking one of them. Later in the dining room Linda strikes Alston with her baton after Alston attacks Marie and Linda tells everyone that if they try anything else its a week in the slot, Linda then tackles Zaina when she tries to attack Marie, and Linda talks her to the slot. Linda later helps break up a fight in the yard after Allie punches Marie and takes Lou to see Ann.

In episode five Linda is first seen in the yard telling Boomer she doesn't know when Allie is coming out of the slot and tells Ruby there's no way she can call Rita and Linda later escorts Marie to a new unit. Linda is later seen getting ready for the general manager's presentation, where Boomer releases a mouse to distract everyone, Linda sees it and they struggle to find it after the GM presentation shares an elevator lift ride with Ann and Linda tells Ann that everyone feels "safer" and loves what she is doing, Ann thanks her and runs something by her which is getting Lou to lag on other prisoners and letting Linda know. Linda in the laundry learns from Lou that it was Judy who sabotaged the presentation. Linda takes Judy to the slot and tells her to strip down, Judy goes along with it and swears at Linda while throwing her shirt at her, Linda snaps and pepper sprays Judy on Ann's orders to "break her" as Vera is watching on the CCTV. Vera enters the slot and asks Linda "what has gotten into her" and Linda tells Vera that Judy wrecked the presentation and Ann authorised the use of force. Linda then speaks to Will as Will asks why Linda did it. Linda says she was following an order from the GM because she was "the boss" Will writes Linda up for misconduct and tells her anymore incidents and she will be removed from the deputy governorship. Linda tells Ann about it and Ann tells her not to worry about it as if she has "her way" she'll be looking for a governor soon and that the two make a "good team". Linda is later seen telling Jake that Ruby hasn't made it back to the prison and to chase up the boxing manager.

In episode six Linda is first seen walking the corridor and ignoring Boomer and Allie as they are where Ruby is. Later escorts Rattray to medical after she is attacked by Marie, Linda laughs as Rattray lags to Linda, and she says she'll report it to the governor. Is told by Vera to report anything else related to Marie to her, Linda replies she's the deputy governor, and Vera says paper covers rock.

In episode seven Linda is first seen taking Judy to see Ann, and when Linda escorts Judy back, Judy refuses to move and Linda snaps at Judy and Judy tells Linda that it'll make a great case to her lawyer if she uses her baton, in the end Linda and another officer carry Judy to her unit where Allie asks what is going on and and Linda replies "Ask Judy Assange", later comes into the call centre to relieve Officer Manning, and finds Judy making a call, the prisoners say Judy's not hurting anyone but Linda makes the prisoners move by striking Boomer with her baton. Will reveals to Allie that Linda has been warned. Linda later in the laundry tells Judy her call to her father has been approved, later on when Judy is taken to see Ann after Judy makes her plan to bash Linda, but the plan fails when Ann shows up instead.

Linda post-riot frozen in shock after suffering a flashback to the siege

In episode eight Linda is first seen in the dining room telling inmates who are complaining that if the food is good enough for the rats its good enough for them. Linda later escorts Reb to his session with Dr Miller, and tackles Reb to stop him from attacking him, Linda takes Reb back to his unit and says that "Miller is a soft cock. If it was up to me I'd slot you." Linda is later involved in the riot when she tells Greg to stay in his office. Linda attempts to stop inmates from getting into the creche, but suffers a flashback to the siege as it reminds her of the bloodshed and completely freezes, Vera takes Linda's baton and uses it to subdue Frost, when the corridor is secure, Linda is seen on the floor staring into the void, this leads Vera to tell Miller that she is worried about Linda and that she may have some "unresolved issues from the siege."

In episode nine Linda skips a therapy session with Dr Miller claiming she was "busy" and later is on duty in the dining room when Sheila comes in and it makes Reb run away, and later ends up suspended after Joan trips on LSD and Will who was controlling the situation and Linda hit Ferguson with her baton. Will tells Linda that her "three strikes are up" and to hand in her pass at the gate after she writes up an incident report as she assaulted a prisoner. Linda stunned leaves the prison.

In episode ten Linda has gotten legal advice toward her suspension and tells Will that she has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since the siege and threatens to sue the Department if she is not reinstated. Linda later takes Marie to the governors office and stands outside the office eavesdropping on their conversation, and later is with Vera in the psych unit after Ferguson's committal hearing. Linda says that Ferguson has "won again" and if "she won over a shrink a jury would be a piece of piss", Linda is later instructed to spitbag Ferguson on Vera's orders, which she does, but later after Ferguson screams and Linda comes back into the room and takes it off her head and leaves the room in disgust.

Season 8 Part 2

In episode one Linda is first seen telling Lou and Reb the police are here to seem them both again. Linda is later in the governors office when Judy expects to be slotted but isn't. Last seen in the gym area when Allie steps down as top dog.

In episode two, Linda is seen when Jake calls in a code black, Linda opens the cell and has to pepper spray Lou because she is holding a shiv. When Lou is taken away, Linda goes into the cell and checks Reb's pulse, Linda looks up and the look she gives is apparent. Linda shuts the cell with Marie watching on. Linda is later seen in the corridor when Lou argues with Allie. Linda is last seen in the dining room when Lou says she killed Sheila. Linda tells Kelly to sit down and rushes to get aid.

In episode three, Linda is seen in the staffroom when Ann rages at the staff, Linda nods in agreement. Linda tells Marie when she wants a transfer request to "ask Mr Jackson" later tells Ann in the slot "are you still keen on getting rid of Jackson and making me governor?" Ann says it has to be fabulous to get rid of him, Linda drops "Fucking a prisoner, fabulous enough?" she turns and nods. Linda when Marie is in the yard says her application to be transferred has been rejected on Will's order. Linda later tells Ann that Marie's transfer has been rejected by Will, and takes Marie to see Ann. Linda later takes Rita to a Restraint Station after her urine sample is swapped by Mullet. Linda later takes Rita back to her unit and informs them that Boomer's "natural padding" had missed her vital organs and she'd be back tomorrow.

In episode four, Linda comes into the staffroom with a board of new inmates ready for the Restraint Station "stocks", Vera asks her to stop calling them that but Linda says "it's catchy", Linda says that she is surprised that Ferguson wasn't on the list as her result came back inconclusive , she leaves with Jake. Linda is then seen going into the yard with Ann and they talk about the stations with Ann wanting two more of them but its gonna cost more. Ann says to scale back the isolation unit and some more staff, when a bag of urine is thrown at Ann, Linda asks who did it, and is told by Ann to get Judy and put her on the station. Linda and another guard do so. Ann comes out again with Linda and Ann tells her to leave her there, Linda asks for how long, and Ann replies 'all night' and leaves. Linda looks on confused and leaves.

In episode five, Linda is seen with the other officers when Ann goes nuts over the camera that is in Wentworth. Linda is then apart of the following cell toss and strip search, Linda later walks with an officer to find Judy and Allie high on laughing gas and they are both slotted. Linda is later seen in the staff room drinking with Ann and other officers. Later when Linda arrives for work she spots leftover bottles of wine and takes them and puts them in her locker, but not before giving two of the bottles to Jake.

In episode six, Linda is first seen in the staff meeting when Ann comes in late and says that she wants the camera found and that she will give an months extra wages for the person who finds it. Linda later in the unit looks to Boomer who knows she probably has it and orders her into the cell and says that she will strip search her if she refuses to cooperate, but instead Linda brings in Officer Green and stands out side when Boomer knees Green in the groin and Linda threatens to slot her again she tells Linda she will tell the governor about why, Linda leaves telling her to clean the mess up. Linda later has a conversation with officer Green while Boomer is on the phone. Linda is later seen walking around the kitchen when Eve hasn't been seen in a while. Linda finds Eve who is holding a spoon and calls in a code black, Linda is seen with Will and Vera in medical and reacts shocked when Nurse Shen shows that Eve is missing her eye. Linda later tells Vera that Jake hasn't been in contact and that he is missing, Linda joins Vera in the search for him. Linda is later seen in the dining room when the missing eye from Eve shows up in Lou Kelly (Wentworth)'s jelly.

In episode seven, Linda is first seen taking Joan to an appointment to see Dr Miller. Linda is then seen in a meeting with Will, Ann, Jake and Vera where it is revealed that Lou has made threats against the officers. Linda then confronts Lou in the yard and says that the last person who threatened the guards (meaning Sean) was shot, Linda then says if Lou even farts in her direction she will rain down a 'shitstorm'. Linda later escorts Allie to see Miller and then talks with Ferguson in the education unit where Linda refuses to help her and she says that Miller has cancelled her appointment. Linda later takes Gavin out of his conjugal with Sue "Boomer" Jenkins and stops Gavin when he reacts weird Linda stops him and asks if there is a problem, Gavin just tells Linda that its haemorrhoids and Linda stops him outside the strip search room where she says to let "Dr Piles have a look." Linda is later seen in the admin office with Gavin and Gavin tells her not to get Boomer involved. Linda is asked by Ann to call the police and have Boomer put on a Restraint Station, but Linda is told to put Gavin in a holding cell. Linda receives the extra months wages for finding the camera. Linda is later seen in the yard when Lou slaps Marie and then later when Linda escorts Marie to H1.

In episode eight, Linda is first seen when she knocks on the door of Ferguson's room and tells her the police want to see her, Linda is later seen in the laundry when Marie produces a shiv and gets an inmate. Linda comes in and hits Marie in the arm so she releases the shiv and Linda and other guards march her to the slot. Linda later stands outside of the interview room and when Vera runs into the room she tries to stop her but ultimately stops when she grabs the passport. Linda is later seen in the slot where she refuses to help Marie saying she would rather "help Hitler" then help her. Linda later releases Marie from the slot and yells at the inmate who keeps asking to use the phone.

In episode nine, Linda is first seen in the yard telling inmates to keep their distance when the H1 crew come out. Linda is later seen telling Judy that she has a visitor, when Lou asks why her calls aren't going through she tells Kelly that her calls have been suspended. Linda takes Judy to see her father and then later told by Ann to take Judy to the plant room. Linda handcuffs Judy and passes her baton over to Ann. Linda leaves when Ann strikes Judy claiming that the prisoner is "already handcuffed". Linda tells Vera as she is walking down the hallway. Linda and Vera come back in and Vera tells Linda to take her to medical. Linda later is seen with Vera when they both find Marie's body. Linda says "It's like Game of Fucking Thrones". Linda is later seen in the hallway when Will requests Linda to put Rita back in H1, and put an extra officer on duty.

Linda does a final count

In episode ten Linda is first seen in an officer meeting where Will asks the officers to work double shifts on H1 after Marie's death. Linda says they do not have the staff to do so. Will says he will be reopening the Protection Unit. Linda says that Ann won't have a bar of it until Ann walks in and says they she knows of the "rumours" of her corruption. Later Linda is seen in the admissions room where Ann tells Linda to get Judy into a holding cell for court. Linda says that it is a "late one", Ann just tells Linda to do it. Later Linda is seen after Lou and Rita fight and when both of them are taken to the slot where Rita says that there is a bomb. Linda tells Will about it and just after she tells him the prison explodes. Linda is told by Will to get the others to the safety zone and Linda makes it out of the prison and tells Will that there is a hole in the 'No Man's Land' area of the prison and prisoners are escaping. Linda and several guards take down prisoners and Linda sees Rita after she takes down Lou. Linda and another officer escort Lou to the police, where Linda tells the women from H1 to gather for the count. When Boomer says they need to go back in and Linda reveals that H1 is gone. Linda later reveals the extent of the prison explosion that 5 officers and 28 prisoners are unaccounted for.

Linda's last lines are "5 officers and 28 prisoners unaccounted for... including Joan Ferguson.."


  • Linda's nickname is 'Smiles'
  • Linda is seen as a "nod" to Prisoner Officers, Pat Slattery, Colleen Powell and Anne Yates due to Linda's heavy use of sarcasm and doing favours for money. But Linda's sarcasm is much more forward and aggressive. 
  • Linda's radio call sign number changes from sierra 1 to sierra 6 in later seasons
  • The Nickname of 'Smiles' was originally said by Franky Doyle, early in season 1 (it was Nicole da Silva who came up with the nickname) and it has since stuck with every character from then on calling Linda "Smiles".
  • Will and Vera are the only prison officers to date that have appeared in every episode of the series, Linda Miles has been in all but the first episode of Season 1. 
  • It was revealed during 2020 Virtual Meet and Greets that the role of Linda Miles was a "small role" that was only expected to last for 8 days, instead it lasted for all 8 years of filming, as season one director Kevin Carlin asked Jacquie Brennan to read for the role, Jacquie did not have to audition for Linda Miles.
  • The backstory for Linda Miles was self written by Linda's actor Jacquie Brennan and was revealed during the release of the Wentworth: On File Book as well as being explained in further detail in an interview with TV Tonight with David Knox.


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"7x07 Bad Blood"

"7x08 Protection"

"7x09 Under Siege Part One"
"7x10 Under Siege Part Two"

Wentworth: Season 8
"8x01 Resurrection]]"
"8x02 Ends And Means]]"

"8x03 Enemy of the State]]"

"8x04 Revenant]]"

"8x05 Fallout]]"
"8x06 Fugitive]]"

"8x07 Battle Lines]]"

"8x08 Goldfish Part 2]]"

"8x09 Monster]]"
"8x10 The Enemy Within]]"


Wentworth: Season 8pt2
"8x11 Rogue]]"
"8x12 Requiem]]"

"8x13 The Ties That Bind]]"

"8x14 Judas Kiss]]"

"8x15 The Unknown Terrorist]]"
"8x16 One Eye Open]]"