It's unspecified how long Linda has been inside Wentworth for, as she is already a prisoner on her first appearance. She worked as a runner for Margo Gaffney's betting racket.

Linda was visited by her son Danny from time to time. Danny was living with his Aunt, Linda's sister, and made no secret of the fact he was unhappy living with her, as she was overbearing and took whatever money Danny tried to hide or put aside for his mum's release. Danny runs away, but winds up breaking into the prison in an attempt to see his mum. Realizing that he will attempt to run away again, Linda accepts Jim Fletcher's offer of letting Danny stay with him until her parole.

At the time Linda's parole was due, she walked in on Kay White trying to strangle Lizzie Birdsworth to death. Grabbing a nearby jug, she smashes it on Kay's head. Knowing she is due for parole, Lizzie makes Linda hide behind a door and take the blame for the situation. Linda is racked with guilt over this, but realizes what Lizzie has done for her.

Linda is released to live with her son, but is almost found out when Jim visits Linda to question her further over the incident.

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