Prison officer transferred as replacement when the governor and Meg go missing for a few days. Violent towards the women, with a hatred of lesbians. However, his classes give Bobbie Mitchell a start towards an electrical apprenticeship and eventual release. Visits Lou Kelly after lights out for sex and when he is almost caugh by Joan he and Joan come to blows and have a fight in the corridor he threatens to snap Joan's arm if she tells anyone about what happened. Made Governor in (507). Framed at Joan Ferguson 's suggestion and with Myra Desmond 's agreement as Pixie Mason's rapist (510) and sent to prison (511)., where Joan goads him telling him he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the rape of Pixie and the rumoured death of Kevin, he almost grabs Joan to attack her, but it stopped by a guard who tells Joan to leave. Joan does so and Len calls her a bitch, and Joan just smirks. When Inspector Thorne arrests him in (511) his name is given as Leonard Edwin Murphy, but when Marlene Warren reads out a newspaper article about his trial in (517) it is given as Leonard Arthur Murphy. He hates lesbians because his wife ran off with another woman.


Fields appeared in the series much earliier as a the uncle for Judy's daughter.