A young man who meets Doreen when she is out on parole and is working at a packing company under a false name. Although he initially comes across as a carefree individual who likes to flirt with female co-workers, it soon becomes apparent that Kevin is an honest and had well intentions as a man who cares deeply for Doreen. He becomes curious about her secret background (she is living at the Halfway House at the time), and after he finds out her true identity he sticks with her, willing to accept her for whatever she is. He soon proposes to her and they plan to marry, much to the disdain of his rather snobbish mother. However, a drunken incident sees Doreen, and Lizzie, breaking parole and sent back to Wentworth, but Kevin tells Doreen that he is willing to wait for her. When a tussle breaks out over Doreen's late mother's house, which crooked land developers want to buy up cheap, the pair decide to marry on Wentworth grounds. A while later, Doreen is included as part of the prison's work project with a local textile company, where worker Vince Talbot rapes Doreen. She soon discovers that she is pregnant as a result; Doreen considers not letting on and claiming the child to be Kevin's, but when, unaware of her condition, he says that she is not ready to start a family yet, Doreen plans an abortion, before breaking down and admitting that she was raped by Talbot. The Police do not have enough evidence to charge Talbot, and Doreen admits to Kevin that on a second occasion, she allowed Talbot, in hope of gaining the information needed for Kevin to win a lucrative work contract at the factory. This confession puts a strain on the pair's marriage and Kevin decides he wants a divorce. This leads to Doreen to try and commit suicide; after she is rescued just in time, guilt-ridden Kevin visits and offers to try and patch things up with her, but Doreen realises it is time to stand on her own two feet, and the pair part company.

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