"Careless or not, I know what I saw!"

Jim Fletcher was the deputy governor of Wentworth Detention Centre taking over the role from Vera Bennett, Fletcher got on the bad side of many officers including Vera and Meg as well as many of the prisoners who flat out wanted him gone, Fletcher in his time in the series takes a softer side and lets his compassion become apart of him. Fletch later leaves Wentworth and becomes Governor of Beechmont much to Department Head Ted Douglas' bemusement.

Job at Wentworth Edit

Jim Fletcher arrived at Wentworth Detention Centre to take over the role of Deputy Governor from Vera Bennett which she was none too pleased about. Having served in the army, and also at Pentridge Prison, Jim came across as a stern and no nonsense officer, unafraid to speak his opinion, but knowing when to follow orders from Mrs Davidson. He was there to do a job, and as far as he was concerned, his home life and work life were totally separate, meaning he sometimes came across as rude or abrupt to people who might take an interest or make conversation.

It wasn't long before Jim softened up a little, and started to think of some of his colleagues as friends, also to treat the prisoners with more respect than he initially did, perhaps as a result of working in a womens' prison, something he admitted he had no experience with. Although the prisoners nicknamed him "Fletch the Letch", as they often felt he was "perving" on them while supervising their activities, Fletch eventually came to be known as a firm but fair officer. Being the only male warder/screw for much of his time at the prison, on occasion, a prisoner would try to take advantage of him, something he refused to do, although technically he did sleep with an ex-prisoner, but in his defence, he was trying to help the police solve a robbery case, and he was in it for the reward money.

Jim was separated from his wife Leila when he was transferred to Wentworth, but it's not known for how long. It's hinted that Leila and Jim no longer love each other but stay friends for the sake of the children. Jim does eventually move back in and the two get back together when one of his sons starts getting asthma attacks more frequently. Leila is also happy to have him back to have a man around the house, except for when Geoff Butler, and old army is in town to make Jim an offer. It is Geoff who eventually kills his family in a letterbomb that was intended for Jim.

During Fletch's time at the prison, he had a few stints as Acting Governor, with varying results. His first time for example, had the prisoners protesting over tighter security, and new regulations, as well as the fact that Chrissie Latham was allowed a transfer to Wentworth, much to Meg Jackson's horror as well.

Fletcher decided to go for the job as Governor of Beechmont much to Ted Douglas's amusement, but in the end receives the job and is given a quiet send off.

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