"Your only option is return to Wentworth."

James was the former Minister for The Department of Corrective Services, Dwyer was all about avoiding scandal and everything to him is a mission, he refuses to listen to reforms and was always furious at something. He argues with Ann Reynolds on many occasions, and refuses to help Joan Ferguson after her second failed governorship. Dwyer is mentioned in the series finale saying that he was moved back to 'the backbench' and all reforms passed.

Time on PrisonerEdit

Dwyer first seen in (564) where he expresses his disapproval that the press have got hold of Daphne Graham's story and after Eve Wilder's assault on Joyce Barry, he visits again and threatens to dismiss Ann Reynolds as Governor. He is visited by Joan Ferguson with info from Nancy McCormick's diary (618), and as a result demotes Meg Jackson to promote Joan to Deputy Governor. He arrives at Wentworth, tipped off by Joan, to try to stop Julie Egbert's wedding to Steve Ryan (628). He is next seen asking advice from the about his son's blackmail by Lisa Mullins (651). Ann calls him to Wentworth to hear Lorelei Wilkinsons testimony about her rape, but she changes her story under pressure from Ernest Craven. He demotes Ann in (669) and demands that Lorelei is transferred to Ingleside to avoid any further scandal. Joan informs him of Lorelei's recovery (675) and he has to appear on TV to announce Ann's reinstatement (677) after Craven is exposed on City Probe. He refuses to help Joan after her confrontation with Willie Beecham and orders her to go back to Wentworth (685). This can only be accounted an insane act, given her record, but presumably he wishes to give her enough rope to hang herself, as his telephone conversation with Ann suggests. He is last seen arguing with Ann about her reform report (689), and given that Mr Hudson (Departmental inspector) arrives soon after to carry out his own investigation, I think it can be assumed that Dwyer's political career is effectively over and it is, it is revealed in 692 that Hudson took the reforms to senate and they confirmed that Dwyer would be shifted to the backbench.

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