"Insurance? Was a good cover wasn't it.."

Geoff Butler was an old friend of Jim Fletcher in the army and once dated Meg Jackson, he seemed like a good guy but his true colours were later revealed. He was responsible for a gay bashing in a local pub and later attacked Meg in her home. Due to his good character profile with his army background, he left court with a good behaviour bond. Geoff plotted a revenge attack on Jim Fletcher (with the help of Michael Simpson) by planting a bomb in Jim's hotel room. Sadly, Jim's wife and two sons were victims of the blast. All three were killed, leaving a devastated Jim Fletcher.

Moving Back To AustraliaEdit

Geoff leaves the army from Vietnam and comes back to Australia and contacts Jim having left the Army and claims to have become an insurance broker, though he never seems to do any work during the day. After a chance meeting with Meg in the pub where he arranges to see Jim, he begins to court Meg. Leila Fletcher warns Meg not to get involved, which turns out to be advice Meg ought to have heeded. When he goes out for a drink with Jim one evening, a man seems to be cruising Geoff, and Geoff lures him to the toilets and leaves him unconscious with a broken nose (81). Leila is disturbed to read in the newspaper that a man had been beaten up in the same pub where Jim and Geoff had been the evening before - thanks to a similar incident years before, she knows who is responsible. Jim is eventually persuaded to report Geoff to the police, but he has already gone round to Meg's flat and terrorizes her when she rejects him. Jim arrives on the scene and has to disarm Geoff who is waving a broken bottle around. Before the police arrive to arrest him, Geoff boasts that he has been secretly recruiting for a mercenary army (84). After Jim gives evidence against him in court after his attack on Meg (106), Geoff plots to kill Jim, and uses Caroline Simpson's ex-husband Michael to deliver a parcel containing a bomb to the hotel where Jim is living, but it explodes killing Leila and the two children. Even this does not make Geoff give up the idea of killing Jim, and he turns up to the funeral.


Jim asks the police to call off their guard, but when he arrives home to find Geoff waiting for him, the police have not pulled out completely and a marksman shoots Geoff through the French windows ending Geoff's reign of terror.


Ray Meagher later appeared as Kurt Renner and also Ernest Craven

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