Craven was the evil former governor of corrupt high security prison Blackmoor is show to be highly racist towards the coloured inmates and to the social worker who came to Blackmoor after Connors' transfer.

Craven was played by Ray Meagher

Blackmoor's DestructionEdit

Transferred to Wentworth after Rita Connors had burnt down Blackmoor in a riot. His vow to kill Rita was almost taken through with but failed. At the same time he was blackmailing Lorelei Wilkinson to lag on the prisoners so he could discover what their plans were.

Rita asked Lorelei to hide the knife she attempted to kill him with but she failed to when Craven's last threat was made to blackmail her because of the alarm they used to find out when Craven was attacking Rita. She stabbed him and he staggered through the corridors until dying in front of the prisoners, Joan Ferguson and Meg Morris but he still made one more lunge for Rita.


Meagher had previously appeared in the series as Geoff Butler and Kurt Renner

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