Lou will wish that she had been transferred back to Blackmoor prison. Who will be Wentworth's new top dog?


Rita and Joan fight, cheered on by the women outside the locked laundry gate. Ronnie and Wendy squabble over breaking the strike by eating food from the kitchen. Jessie manages to free her hands and attacks Wendy, but fails to overpower her. Bob talks to Mervin through a ventilation grille to find out what's going on. Steve tries to persuade the women to get medical help for Julie. Bob comes out through the ventilation shaft in the shower block. He knocks out Wendy as she's walking along the corridor towards the laundry and locks her in an empty cell. Bob collects Mervin and they go to find Steve. On the way, Mervin notices a woman hanging in one of the cells: it is Eve, who has been moved there from the dining room to make it look as if she committed suicide (but more I suspect to get the body out of the way so it doesn't have to be shown). Steve refuses to leave Julie, so Bob gives him a gun and tells him to barricade himself in the cell. Meg arrives at the prison (having been called in by Officer Hagen) and Joyce tells her the situation. When Faye is distracted for a moment, Bob knocks her out, frees the hostages in the dining room and cap
Prisoner - February 25, 1986 - 5
tures the other conspirators lurking in the kitchen. Rita and Joan tire and Lou sends the women away so she can move in for the kill. Bob and Meg arrive in the laundry as Lou has a knife at Joan's throat . Lou forces them to drop their guns  but Rita trips Lou as she moves forward to pick them up which allows Bob to subdue her. Lou is still defiant as she shouts to her fellow conspirators in solitary, but they are worried they will be transferred to Blackmoor. Rita is surprised to hear Meg say that Eve was found in her dormitory, but Rita won't tell Meg what she knows about it. Lou is put in solitary. Bob tells Meg he isn't going to transfer Lou to Blackmoor and wants to keep her in Wentworth: he says it is to make an example of her and goes to solitary to tell her so. Jessie finds out Nancy's secret when she refers to how grateful she is she didn't let Peter go to prison. Nancy begs her not to tell anyone else. Rita returns to the women, somewhat battered. Barbie manages to get out a few broken sentences. Jessie and Rita impress on Nancy that saying anything to the police about Eve's killing is lagging. Bob invites his friend Alan Maxwell and his wife Kath to dinner: he explains to them both about the no-lagging code. Alan and Bob reminisce about their time in Vietnam. The police interview Nancy but she pretends she can't remember even when offered extra privileges. Nancy asks Rita if she thinks there will have to be a new top dog, and Jessie and the others speculate on the same subject next morning at breakfast. Ann tells Dan she can't go on the camping trip with him after what happened at Wentworth, but he persuades her to come along anyway. Joan demands to know why Rita saved her life: Rita says it was only

Moran and Meg end the Kelly Riot

because she wanted to finish her off herself and not have someone like Lou do it for her. After getting Bob to drop the charges against her, Joan tells Rita she thinks that makes them square .. for now. Julie comes back from hospital: she tells the women she is to be recommended for early parole along with Barbie and Jessie. Nancy's solicitor says she has no alternative but to plead guilty to her husband's murder as the case against her is very strong. Ann leaves for the camping weekend on the pillion of Dan's motorbike as the neighbours look on. Barbie and Jessie are released: Barbie whispers to Jessie what she's inside for  much to Jessie's amusement. Bob thanks Rita for what she did during the riot and hints to her that he wants her as top dog.



Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
  Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
  Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
  Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
  Jessie ~ Pat Evison
  Nancy ~ Julia Blake
  Rita ~ Glenda Linscott
  Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
  Lou ~ Louise Siversen
  Barbie ~ Jayne Healey
  Bob ~ Peter Adams
  Alice ~ Lois Collinder
  Mervin ~ Ernie Bourne
  Steve ~ Peter Hayes
  Dan ~ Sean Scully
  Fay Donnelly ~ Maud Clark
  Janet Williams ~ Christine Earle
  Off Radcliffe ~ Marion Dimmick
  Wendy Stone ~ Vivien Davies
  Ronnie Kennedy ~ Lyn Ford
  Alan Maxwell ~ Peter Flett 
  Kath Maxwell ~ Kate Hood 
  Det. No. 1 ~ James Patrick 
  Sam Page ~ Bruce Crowl
  Woodridge Officer ~ Bill Tisdall
  Neighbour ~ Pat Drenann 

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