Doreen persuades Karen to to let Ros stay one night and gives Ros some clothes (seeming to disregard the difference in their sizes). Greg tells Meg that Chrissie could lose her baby and Meg responds by being extra nice to Chrissie. The police call at the halfway house next morning before Ros has left, but they are not looking for Ros. They tell Doreen that her mother has been found in a coma by her cleaning woman and is in hospital. Doreen is upset at the thought that her mother was lying ill in the house all the time. Karen tells Ros she must be gone by the time she and Doreen get back from the hospital. Chrissie apologises to Meg for throwing her concern back in her face, saying she finds it hard to cope with people being caring towards her. Doreen and Karen are kept waiting at the hospital but eventually a doctor appears to tell Karen that Alice has just died. Karen has to give Doreen a stern talking to, so that she is prepared to face up toher responsibilities as next of kin. Ros seeks shelter with Pearl at the brothel where her mother worked, but she has to seek approval from Frank Heath, who is now running the place and is an associate of Sean McNally. He wants to make Roslyn pay for her accommodation by prostituting herself. Pat is concerned that she has not had any visitors. After Ros reluctantly agrees to Frank's conditions, Pearl warns her not to get involved too deeply and offers to help her move on. When Bea asks why Rosie's cell is empty, Vera tells Bea that Rosie had been "transferred" and Bea assumes that means she has been sent to a mental hospital. Frank reports Ros to a corupt contact in the police after he finds she has left with $200 from the takings. The police come to the halfway house with a search warrant looking for Ros. Doreen attends her mother's funeral with Karen. Erica also attends to pay her respects and gives them both a lift back to the halfway house. Ros returns knocking on the back door just after Erica has left by the front: Karen tells her to leave as she is going to phone the police, but she is prevented from doing so by the arrival of Doreen's parole officer. Karen makes the excuse for Doreen's disappearance that she was upset after her mothers' funeral. Doreen breaks in at her mother's house to give Ros somewhere to hide out. Ros is worried that she will get Doreen into trouble, so she leaves to catch a bus to leave for Sydney. On the way, Ros stops to help a drunk who collapses in the gutter with a (fake?) heart attack. A woman passerby agrees to go to call an ambulance, but she has recognised Ros and reports her to the police. Ros is arrested.

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