Doreen wants to know why neither Karen nor her mother told her the truth. Bea and Pat try to raise Ros's spirits by telling her about Karen's appeal: Ros replies it doesn't matter as she won't be around for very long. Lizzie reads Doreen's letter by torchlight. Erica announces that the women are not to worry if the fire alarm goes off as there will be a fire drill at some time during the say. Meg takes Rosie to maternity to help convince her that her baby has gone and tells her about her own mother, but she is annoyed to find that Chrissie is listening in. Chrissie gets sick of Meg's relentlessly optimistic tone and points out that Rosie is a junkie and so she won't get her baby back, and replies to Meg's criticisms of her own potential as a mother by telling Meg of her own experience of "family" life with an alcoholic mother and a sexually abusive father. Karen is so annoyed by Doreen's hatred of Alice that at last she tells Doreen the real reason why her mother doesn't want to get too involved. Inspired by Doreen's typed letter, Lizzie asks Erica if the women can have typing classes, but is miffed when Vera offers to teach the classes in the women's own time typing: ASDF Space;LKJ Space (vice versa). Erica isn't satisfied with the slack response to the fire drill  and warns that the exercise will be repeated. Vera invites Meg and Jim to her birthday party in the staff room. Karen takes Doreen to visit Alice at her home. Lizzie overhears the secretary wishing Vera a happy birthday, so the women make a fake present for Vera and leave it on the desk for the second typing class as if it has come from George Lucas - it is a sack to wear over her head for their next date . To the women's surprise, she carries on the lesson as if nothing has happened. At Ros’ instigation, Rosie attacks Chrissie and two of the typewriters are badly damaged. Bea catches Ros about to set the fire alarm off, but she agrees to let her go ahead with an escape attempt. In the chaos that ensues, Ros gets out through the gates in the back of the van driven by the typewriter repair man. Rosie rushes to the maternity wing to save her baby, and punches Chrissie in the stomach when she thinks that Chrissie has taken Sam away. Doreen calls to see Alice at home, but she is lying down in a darkened room and does not answer the door. Vera is just about to leave her birthday spread when she hasn't had any guests when Lizzie arrives  in the staff room to give her a present - a bar of soap from her buy up. Karen and Doreen find Ros waiting for them at the halfway house, saying she has nowhere else to stay.

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