Bea and the other women continue the psychological warfare against Chrissie and drop in on her in her cell next morning. Greg notices the theft from the medicine cabinet when he arrives at work but it is not anything obvious and he has to check the inventory to see what is missing. Meanwhile, Chrissie is throwing up in the shower block. Vera bodysearches the women for the missing medication. Lizzie overhears the Sister asking Greg if the ipecac syrup should be replaced. Vera finds Chrissie puking and takes her to the Governor, as Greg has told Erica that the missing medicine is used as an emetic. Lizzie consults a medical dictionary to find out the effects of the ipecac. Chrissie fingers Bea for poisoning her and as a result Erica sends Bea to solitary, ignoring her protestations of innocence. When Chrissie is taken ill again a few hours later, Lizzie follows her to the toilet block and points out to Meg that Bea cannot be responsible this time, as ipecac takes effect immediately. Meg responds that Lizzie herself would be the next most likely suspect. Greg confirms Lizzie's information and adds that it has such an unpleasant taste it would be difficult to disguise it in food or drink. Erica releases Bea from solitary and puts Chrissie to work in the garden to keep her away from the other women. Ros asks Lizzie and Doreen if it would be lagging to tell Erica who had been drugging Chrissie and when they don't she dashes off to see Erica. Angela visits Pat and tells her she has filed the divorce papers for her. Pat agrees with Angela that her children should be told about the divorce, especially her eldest son David, who is in Pentridge with his father. Ros tells Erica that Bea was not responsible and suggest a different interpretation of events based on her experience of an attention-seeking would-be suicide at her boarding school. When Chrissie calims to be feeling sick in the rec room, Lizzie questions why she wasn't taken ill immediately after the evening meal. Karen moves into the halfway house , and gets a routine visit from the police. Pat's mother and children come to visit her. Vera finds the empty medicine bottle in the garden near where Chrissie had been working, but Erica merely sends Chrissie back to the laundry after she refuses to explain why she took the medicine. Pat's mother tells her she can't look after the children any later than Christmas. Bea issues veiled threats to Chrissie and she asks to see the Governor. Chrissie tells Erica that she took the medicine herself as she has has been trying to make herself sick to try to hide the fact that she is pregnant.

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