Toni antagonizes Vera with her superior attitude and Meg with her claim to have "fixed" Jim's leave. Vera goes straight to Erica to complain about Toni, but only succeeds in making her angry. Karen gets a job as a waitress in a grotty cafe, despite being up against another woman who has "everything else going for her" as the cafe owner says. Toni involves all the women in the laundry in her next attempt to smuggle in contraband. Lizzie distracts the officers by pretending an interest in a delivery of powdered milk. Erica and Vera watch while Toni is forced to open the tins of powdered milk for contraband while the real stuff comes in via the rubbish bins. Karen's student friend Suzanne tries to get her to attend a meeting of the Prisoners' Reform Group. Toni offers the owmen some pot to celebrate the success of the operation. Monica is annoyed but is caught trying to get to solitary to tell Bea about Toni's drug smuggling. Meanwhile the women are getting stoned out in the garden and continue later in the rec room after attacking their dinner with unaccustomed keenness due to an attack of the munchies. Vera realises what is going on and reports it to Erica, but the women deny any knowledge and Martha claims to have found the joints in the garden. Toni points out that she isn't stoned, which surely she would be if she were responsible. Later, Toni challenges Erica to her face to prove she has been involved in smuggling drugs. Karen's friend Suzanne brings Angela Jeffries to her hotel room to meet her, and Angela manages to persuade her to attend a meeting of the PRG. Vera ropes Meg in to tackling Erica, and she confesses to them that the Department have indeed put her under pressure to go easy on Toni, and that she has already written her letter of resignation in protest. Lizzie protests that the pot had no effect on her at all. Vera gets Monica to tell her where the contraband is hidden by arguing that it would help Bea, though Vera ends up searching through the garbage  while the real contraband is found elsewhere in the prison after a tipoff from an anonymous note pushed under Erica's door. Karen gets the sack for falling for a fake choking attack stage by a sweet old lady to avoid paying her bill. She returns to the hotel to find her bill ( $30 for 3 nights) pinned to her door. Erica suspends all privileges when no-one owns up, and Toni lets Monica know that she's aware who lagged. Angela visits Karen again at her hotel when she is getting drunk and self-pitying, with the offer of accommodation and a job as her secretary.

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