Episode 054

A cell search is carried out to look for the ring. Bea thanks Lizzie for trying to help her but tells her not to get involved. Vera tells Martha to work the press, but Jim orders her into the garden. Vera retaliates by threatening to tell Erica about his haemophobia.

Greg leaves before his replacement is appointed, and says goodbye to Karen, asking her to get in touch if she gets her parole. Karen gives Peter Clements' thesis to Vera, noting that it mentions the officer's psychological problems, particularly Jim's. Karen's parole hearing is set for the following day: Jean tries to arrange her somewhere to stay and Karen suggests Marjorie Whitton, who is a friend of her mother's.

Meg comes home unexpectedly and catches Leanne with her feet up smoking. Jim annoys Karen so she warns him that a copy of Peter Clements' thesis has gone to Erica. Meg sees Leanne hiding Bella's ring down her jumper. Noeline is questioned about the ring and tells the police she stole it from Martha's cell when it becomes clear she's in danger of becoming the chief suspect. Martha confronts Lizzie about her suspicion that Monnie didn't murder Bella.

Martha is tricked into confessing to the murder by Erica, who probes Martha's insecurity to get her to brag about what she did. Monica and Bea are released from solitary. Erica is worried by what she reads in Peter Clements' thesis and confronts Jim with it. Vera is disgusted that Erica only warns Jim, and asks what Peter Clements has written about her. She looks a little taken aback when she reads the file.

Bea is told she won't be transferred and the incitement charges against her are to be dropped. Martha attacks Vera when her meal is brought to solitary, and holds a fork against her neck. Meg runs for help. Martha takes Vera up on the roof, demanding to be put back on the press and for Bea and the others to leave her alone: Jim tries to talk her down. Martha draws blood and taunts Jim, but he gets close enough to grab Martha and disarm her.

Karen's parole hearing starts: she is convinced it has gone badly when her involvement in riots and other incidents is brought up. Vera praises Jim for the way he handled the situation on the roof. Bea makes Noeline give Lizzie back her cigarettes. Karen is brought back to the laundry despondent and convinced that she will never be given parole.


  • Karen's 18 month sentence is apparently over, however she had been a prisoner for less than 12 months screen time.
  • While Martha is being led away, satellite dishes can be seen on the roof. Despite actually being the roof of WDC (Channel 10), it looks an odd sight for the roof of a prison.


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