Episode 052

Bella's "assailant" turns out to be Martha trying to be friendly. Vera points out to Bella she can't be too choosy if someone is offering to be her friend. Bella suggests to Vera she could work in the garden and Martha could be her bodyguard.

Jim annoys Karen by stopping her study release at short notice, so she hints that Peter Clements' research may not be all that it seems and that it's not the prisoners he's really interested in. Dr Herbert hands over his practice to Greg. Erica reluctantly agrees to let Martha act as a guard to protect Bella from the other women.

Erica orders Peter Clements to leave Wentworth immediately when he admits he told Bea about Bella, but he manages to find time to let Lizzie know he's going, tease Vera with a sexual proposal and to taunt Jim with his haemophobia. Bea decides not to make a move on Bella and Lizzie tries to scare Bella by offering her some biscuits she got from Peter Clements then telling her what she's in prison for. Vera overheard Peter Clements' remark about haemophobia and finds out from Greg what it means.

Noeline tells Leanne she can't go home while she's on the dole. As Leanne leaves, she runs into Jean who takes her to her office and tries to work out where she can live after she has lost her flat and her boyfriend has left. Bea distracts the officers while Monica attacks Bella in the garden, but Martha is with her and she attacks Monica. Noeline gloats to Bea that Martha will be pushing to depose Bea as top dog. Erica orders Monica to spend a night in solitary for the attack.

Jean somehow persuades Meg to let Leanne move in with them temporarily. Leanne lets slip that she has been inside Meg's flat, but Jean insists she must be truthful in future and not try to pretend she wasn't involved with the burglary. Karen defends Bella, so Bella seeks her out to talk to her in her cell and shows her the necklace her lover gave her. Martha overhears Bella tell Karen what she really thinks of her. Meg is disgusted by the way Leanne has taken over her flat. After an argument about Martha's ridiculous plan to arrange an escape for her, Martha leaves Bella alone in the shower block - an unseen person knocks her out, takes her necklace and drowns her by holding her head under water in one of the wash basins.


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