Episode 050

Jim opens the hatch on Lizzie during night rounds to hear her muttering to herself in her sleep. Noeline does a job with her daughter Leanne. Meg is just relaxing with a mug of cocoa, a flannelette nightgown and an easy listening record when Jean arrives to ask her if she can move in with her.

Noeline's job goes wrong when Leanne fails to keep watch and she is sent to Wentworth. She shares a cell with Karen and Bea, who slaps her around for breaking the TV last time she was inside. Melinda has a pregnancy test. Greg goes to see the premises for his own practice, which turns out to be a derelict house in a run-down area.

Noeline refuses Jean's help as the Burkes aren't "charity cases", and when Leanne visits she urges her to do a job to support the rest of the family. Jean tries to persuade Leanne and her brother to apply for dole instead, giving her the address where she is now living if she needs help. Leanne is enterprising enough to steal Jean's car to get to the CES, where she meets a young man called Denny, who helps her fill out the form and invites her out for a drive later in the afternoon.

Greg tells Erica he is leaving for his new practice but he agrees to visit for a few weeks after she tells him the Department won't have any replacement for him. Denny plans a scam to steal hotdogs from a van with Leanne and another pool playing friend. Muster bell is half an hour late and the women are kept in their cell to prevent them knowing about a new prisoner.

Meg tells Erica the new prisoner has been put in solitary as soon as she arrived. The radio in the laundry has also gone missing. Greg gives Melinda the result of her pregnancy test. She isn't surprised to be told she is pregnant and admits she stopped taking the pill a while before and was trying to get pregnant to stop Tom going back to his wife. Leanne suggests to Denny a quick way of making a bit of ready cash.

When the television disappears from the rec room, the women speculate about what the authorities are trying to hide from them. Karen is worried that she won't be allowed out for day release, but from the previous two occasions when the same tactics were used (Barbara Davidson and Ann Yates), Bea concludes the secret is that the new prisoner is a pusher. Meg gets back from a date with Greg to find her flat has been burgled.


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