Episode 036

Monnie decides to take over the business of supplying grog. Clara reveals that she saw Noeline being taken to see Dr Miller. Karen and Lynn suffer, as their respective university, and work releases are cancelled because they wont lag about who made the grog.

Bea, still hiding at Val's, protects her when the police arrive, by saying she only just arrived. Yvonne, who is also present plays along. Clara takes the blame for the home brew in order to allow Karen and Lynn to return to their work and study release. Erica is furious with Clara, as the alcohol contributed to the events of the siege. Karen refuses a lift to Uni from Steve, trying to remain independent.

Bea is brought back to Wentworth, and Doreen is the first to welcome her back and tell the others, however Monnie says that Bea shouldn't expect to take over as top dog now that she is back, however Bea is back on the press before long. Monnie starts to put the pressure on Lynn to bring things back during her work release, but Bea steps in to tell Monnie she wont let anything happen to the work release.

Bea is now sharing a cell with Noeline and Karen. Noeline waits until Bea is asleep before getting up and punching her, but Noeline has far more bruises when she wakes up in the morning. Karen and Bea are taken to see the governor, but Bea immediately assumes responsibility.

Vera and Erica discuss options for reducing conflict between the women, such as rotating them all into different cells, but it's not enough. Bea and Monnie immediately fight when Monnie refuses to give up the press again. Meg tries to break up the fight and gets knocked unconscious. Monnie finally accepts Bea as top dog when Erica warns her that she may lose her parole.

Greg starts to look at Meg romantically while treating her. Karen is visited at university by Steve, who confesses he is also having feelings for her, except Karen says she cant return them. At home, Meg is being looked after by Greg. Vera drops in to gloat about the punishment she gave Bea and Monnie, but once she leaves Greg and Meg start to get intimate.


  • In an unusual move, Bea is put back with the general population on her return instead of solitary. While this has happened before when it was deemed necessary to put an end to Franky as top dog, it was acknowledged as a special circumstance. In this episode, nobody seems to bat an eyelid.

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