Under cross-examination Karen is forced to admit that she never sought medical help when her husband beat
her, and the prosecutor accuses her of making up all her evidence. Bea suggests to Karen they should get up a petition to get the rights the inmates have in "them Swedish prisons" and she and Karen discuss the husbands they both murdered. The women joke with Lynn about bringing back goods from work release, but Vera takes it seriously and warns her off. Meg and Vera disagree about the likelihood of Lynn abusing the privilege of work release. Karen refuses to let her mother be subpoenaed to give evidence, so the final day of her trial goes ahead without her. At the same time, Karen's mother leaves town with her gentleman friend, but by accident she hears about the case on his car radio, but when her friend asks why she so interested, she pretends she only knew the woman concerned slightly. Lynn arrives at work on time and is given a job of replanting some seedlings. An unidentified woman is shown stealing an alarm clock from a department store and being stopped by a store detective. Lynn has to deal with a customer who gives her cash for some plants but the office is locked and she can't give him the right change. The mystery woman is brought to Wentworth on remand as she has refused to give her name and address and signs for her possessions with a cross. Karen's mother arrives at court during Steve's summing up and is called to give evidence of having seen Karen's bruises and the opposed attitudes of Karen and her husband to having children. She is able to dispose of the prosecutor's sarcastic questioning of her ability to remember the exact date of one of the rows she overheard, and points out it was her birthday. Lynn thinks Syd is accusing her of stealing money and runs away in tears. Syd is forced to tell Jean about Lynn's absence and she phones Erica to report it. Lizzie tries it on with Vera by asking to see the doctor about her "claustrophobia", but Vera takes her back to the laundry and delights in telling the women what she's overhears about Lynn going missing. Karen is found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter: her sentence is reduced to two years. Erica tells Meg the new prisoner has been identified from her fingerprints and that while she was talking to the police she had to mention that Lynn was missing. Jean is still trying to find where Lynn might have gone when Lynn presents herself at the front gate having walked back to Wentworth.

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