Franky and Doreen find a safe house.


Doreen stops Franky coshing Miss McBride in time when she returns from the kitchen just after Miss McBride has confessed she has a little money hidden about the house. Bea tries to "persuade" Monica that she should let Marilyn and Eddie run her shop while she is inside, but she says she doesn't trust "crims or their boyfriends". Vera tells Karen she'll be keeping an eye on her now she knows what she's up to with Greg, telling her she's no better than a whore if she uses her body to get what she wants. Doreen is more patient with Miss McBride's rambling stories than Franky is, and Miss McBride is so pleased with their company that they are invited to stay. Bea wakes Monnie up by shoving a pillow over her face and insists that she should at least meet Eddie before she dismisses the idea. Mum gets parole with Jean as her parole officer and she has found a flat for her and Judith-Anne. Steve Wilson tells Karen he has interviewed some of her neighbours who can support her story. Eddie thinks Monica's proposal is a practical joke and angrily refuses. Lizzie reads a medical book and is convinced she has cancer ... of the elbow. Vera gives Karen and Marilyn extra cleaning duties for nothing, but Meg tries to hint that she's being far too harsh. Bea and Monnie trap Vera in their cell and set her up for bashing Monnie and Lizzie helps to get Meg to witness it. Erica suspects that it is a setup, but nevertheless orders Vera to take a few days off until the matter is settled. Bea threatens to dob Monnie in for the set-up on Vera if she doesn't give Marilyn and Eddie another chance and let them run her shop, so she agrees. Vera signs off in tears, upset that Meg wouldn't believe her story. Mum and Marilyn are released: no party this time, just a jolly pep talk from Erica. Doreen decides to tell Miss McBride who she and Franky are, but she says she has known all along who they are, and wants them to stay as long as they like. Steve Wilson comes under pressure from Jean to talk to Lynn, but his advice is so negative that she slashes her wrists in despair with a fragment of broken mirror. Karen is moved in with Bea and Monnie as there are new prisoners arriving. She and Meg discover Lynn bleeding when she goes to collect her things.

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