Catherine and her husband Ken are first seen worrying about the whereabouts of their daughter Sarah, who unknown to them has been raped. When Sarah eventually comes home, Catherine shrugs off the change in her usual demeanor.

Catherine is shown to be a typical mother and wife. However, she and her husband are naturally upset when they find out their daughter was raped.

Not long after the incident, Catherine worries about her daughter who insists on going to the shops for her, to try to return to a normal life. Catherine eventually receives a call from Sarah who tells her the man who raped her is there. Catherine drives down the shops to pick Sarah up, and when Sarah points out the man, Catherine speeds up and runs him over, reversing, and driving back over him several times just to make sure. She then shuts off the engine and gets out to investigate her handiwork. Off to the side, viewers see a very shocked Sarah.

Life Inside WentworthEdit

Catherine found it hard to adjust to life inside Wentworth, however, she naturally made friends with Bea Smith due to the nature of her crime. Catherine also worried about her family who seemed to be falling apart. Catherine eventually went to trial, however upon her return, she was returned to another cell block, supposedly on a different floor, never to be seen by viewers again.