"Someone's set me up."

Brenda Murphy was a prison guard who appeared at the second half of season 3 as a nurse, when she was taking care of inmate Bea Smith who was relayed to the psych unit after being drugged by Nils Jesper. She later re-appeared in season 4, now working as an officer, initially Murphy seemed to be a corrupted officer who did illegal favours for Ferguson, including giving her a dangerous pencil (which she had previously used to blind inmates Jodie Spiteri and Kelly Bryant) and pretending to give her anti-psychotics. Later it was revealed that Murphy was playing the double game, because the pencil was used to write a letter to Shayne Butler, which Murphy gave to governor Vera instead of mailing it as requested by the Freak). She confirmed not to have given the drugs to Joan, suggesting that this was actually ordered by Vera. She returns in season 5 in which she admits to watching Ferguson in her holding cell but denies letting Ferguson out to attack her in which Vera (who was revealed to have let Bea out) pins the blame for letting Bea out on her and uses this as a grounds to fire her. She later returns in season 6 in which she becomes the tertiary antagonist, now working at a supermarket after being fired though it is clear she dislikes her new job, she is visited by Jake for information on Vera to stop Vera from trying to sack him in which she provides. She later learns about Ferguson being buried alive by Will and begins to stalk Vera as well as leaving leather gloves on her pillow which Vera is then convinced it is Ferguson. Following this after Will and Jake tell Vera the truth about Ferguson (who is actually alive and in hiding) she tails them to the sight Ferguson was buried and takes a picture of them in which she uses this to blackmail them for 500,000. She is killed by former General Manager Derek Channing in 6x12 after he mistakenly takes her for Fergsuon (whom he is hunting).

Brenda Murphy appeared to be good friends with fellow officer, Linda Miles, as they took many unauthorised cigarette breaks together. This was used by Vera as a further reason to fire and threaten her.

Time At WentworthEdit

She appeared again in the episode 5x01, when, after being blamed by Vera for not intervening in a brawl in the yard between the Freak and other inmates, she was incriminated by officer Jake Stewart who gave her the blame of letting Ferguson free to attack Allie Novak in the showers. Vera forced her to resign, also blaming her for letting Bea Smith go out of the prison the day when she was killed and misplacing her swipe card (which was actually organised by Vera herself).

Officer Murphy is later mentioned in episode 5x11; when ex-governor Bennett says she will report Jake Stewarts’ crimes to the police if he does not resign, he replies that if she does, he will show the truth about the termination of Brenda: Vera was the real author of the set up for letting Bea Smith free to exit Wentworth.

In episode 6x01, Jake meets her in order to get more information on how Vera set her up. Here, Brenda appears with a slightly different look: she has no heavy makeup like when she was an officer, and she wears a pink supermarket uniform. She reveals that she is actually working in a supermarket in Frankston; apparently, she does not like her new job at all, complaining about her uniform and having night shifts.

In the Season 6 finale of Wentworth, Murphy is revealed to be the mysterious blackmailer who was threatening Vera, Will and Jake, acting in revenge of being set up by miss Bennett and losing the job she loved. After this explanation, Vera claims she was terrible at it. The two agree to meet the following day in order for miss Bennett to collect enough money.

Later in the episode, while she is standing at Vera's door, her identity is mistaken: she is shot in the head and killed by Derek Channing, who thought she was Joan Ferguson, tricked by the similar bun hairstyle.

During season 7, no explanation is given on how she knew about Will's attempt to bury Joan Ferguson alive.

Season 8Edit

  • While no information has been given about this, it is believed Murphy was the one who helped Ferguson out of the box and blackmailed Vera.

Trivia Edit

  • Actress Katerina Kotsonis also appears in Season 3 interpreting the role of nurse Sarah Collins.
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