Bob Morris was first introduced as the father of Tracey Morris, who is on remand in Wentworth on a drugs smuggling charge (143). Inspector Grace suspects he may be involved in the drugs smuggling himself due to his contacts in the import/export business. He becomes closer to Meg Morris after she is shot by a sniper aiming for Tracey (148) and he visits her in hospital (149). The relationship develops gradually until he proposes and becomes Meg's second husband (165). Their married life is featured briefly when they come into conflict due to his unreasonable demands that she gives up her career to become a full time housewife and cater to his business clients (187)-(190), and again when Meg becomes involved with a parolee Nick Clarke (201)-(208). And his on short but not suttle infatuation with Swede Arna Johannsen (206-207). Bob appears to have been written out when Meg tells Janet Conway he has gone on a six month business trip to Indonesia (242), but he returns unexpectedly early in (259), only to find that Meg has been appointed Deputy Governor, and goes back to Jakarta in a huff (260). Meg tells Erica in the next episode that she is getting a divorce.

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