"I'm keeping you here as leverage the next time someone thing to break the rules."

Robert 'Bob' Moran was the Acting Governor of Wentworth Detention Centre when Ann was on forced leave, he had a rough time from both sides with Joan Ferguson taking an immediate dislike to him and the prisoners as he knew Kath Maxwell as a family friend and he tried to discuss with them the reason behind her killing her daughter. Moran becomes unpopular after his demotion to deputy governor "forces" Joan's hand and Meg's immediate re-promotion to deputy. Moran tells Ann and the corrections board he's had enough of Wentworth and takes up a position as Governor of a prison farm leaving Kath at Wentworth.

Bob was played by Peter Adams

Time At WentworthEdit

Appointed as acting Governor during Ann Reynolds's absence (595) and catches on when Joan Ferguson attempts to become Moran's deputy when discussing Meg's future as the deputy governor. James Dwyer demoted him for not transferring Lou Kelly to Blackmoor. During 601 goes around the prison and even goes through the vents to make sure he releases several hostages and knocks out several prisoners holding others hostage. Moran and Meg make it to the laundry and manage to subdue Kelly, with Moran holding his weapon in Kelly's face and sending Kelly to isolation as a result and would cause Kelly to manipulate him into thinking she was going to escape with him, when Lou finds out she has been played she is furious. His Vietnam training and hard-headed attitude cause much disgruntlement among the women. His friendship with Kath Maxwell and Alan Maxwell allows Kath to be introduced as a character before she becomes a prisoner. He played in the Volleyball game. Bob leaves Wentworth shortly after Kath is imprisoned. Last seen in (620) when Jessie Windom thanks him for believing her about Harry Bassinger. A short-lived character, given his importance to the plot.

After Leaving WentworthEdit


Moran during Kelly riot

He was mentioned by Ann saying he couldn't come to Kath's trial due to a riot at the prison farm. It was also mentioned he was the Governor there.

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