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Betty Bobbitt, born 7 February 1939, in Manhattan, New York City, is an American actress and singer based in Australia. She appeared in the Australian film Crocodile Dundee.

However, Bobbitt became best known for her portrayal of lesbian character Judy Bryant in the popular Australian television series, Prisoner. She first appeared in the series in February 1980. Her character was intended for a short-term appearance, but she became immensely popular, and was retained in the series. Bobbitt continued in the role until May 1985, making her one of the show's longest serving characters.

Bobbitt also performed with fellow Prisoner cast members Colette Mann and Jane Clifton in a three-woman troupe namedThe Mini Busettes in the 1980s. They performed around Australia in RSL clubs.

Betty retired from acting in 2010 and opened a store in Sydney .

Bobbitt in 2019 made a special appearance on Neighbours in a bookclub scene between Jackie, Jane. Jentah, Colette, Mouse and Jenny.

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