"Aunty Erica.."

Barbara was brought to Wentworth on drug charges. She also happened to be Erica Davidson's niece! Barbara was advised by her aunt, not to tell the other prisoners about the two being related, and also to keep quiet about her crime. Erica advised her of this for her own protection, but failing this puts her life in danger. Barbara is transferred to Barnhurst for safety reasons.

Time at WentworthEdit

Barbara seemed to view Wentworth more like a boarding school than a prison at times, almost unaware how dangerous some of the women could be at first.

Barbara was silly enough to mention being Erica's niece to Bea Smith, and Monica Ferguson who promptly took interest in her, and started trouble in the prison, causing one officer to leave and even resign from her role in corrective serivces, thinking she had to give Barbara preferential treatment.

Barbara also has information about Vera Bennett who was set up by Bea and Monnie, proving Vera's innocence. Vera takes an interest in Barbara, going so far as to collude with Barbara to bring drugs into the prison to frame Monnie. Barbara manages to do this and keep some for herself. Erica explains to Barbara that the girls will attack her if they find out she lagged about Vera, and must find another explanation as to how she got the information about the set up.

Barbara gets bullied by Doreen, and eventually locks herself in her cell, barricading the door and threatening to set it and herself alight. Erica manages to talk Barbara out of the cell, and when she does, she makes arrangements to have Barbara transferred to Barnhurst. After this incident, Erica realizes the dangers of having a relation in her prison.

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