Anne Rosemary Yates was an officer and later a prisoner at Wentworth from Episodes 001 - 029.

Bent ScrewEdit

Anne is shown to be helping Bea Smith in episode 1, by letting her out of her cell after lights out, in order to pay Lynn Warner a visit. Afterwards, Bea tells Anne "I'll pay you tomorrow" to which Anne replies, "You'd Better".

Not long after this, Anne helped out prisoner Marilyn Mason on two occasions, first, letting her into Erica Davidson 's office to use the phone, and secondly, to bring in contraceptives for Marilyn, so she could continue her romantic meetings with Eddie, the prison electrician. When Marilyn is discovered, Anne's name is mentioned.

Anne is called into Erica's office, and denies an accusation of smuggling in drugs. Erica decides to suspend her, and Anne decides to tell Erica what she can do with Anne's job as she's quitting (ep 05).

A New CareerEdit

After her stint as a guard, Vera Bennett has a chance meeting with Anne in a bar (ep 26). Anne is looking very glamorous, and it's quite obvious she's doing well. She and Vera spend some time together, and she introduces Vera to George Lucas.

Anne is busted on a drug charge around the same time, and ends up in Wentworth, with George Lucas asking Vera to keep an eye on Anne. Vera realizes she is unable to do this, especially as she now considers Anne to be another one of the "animals"

After a disagreement with Bea Smith she stabs Bea and makes a run for it, hiding in one of the giant dryers in the laundry.


While hiding in the dryer, Anne became trapped when Vera inadvetantly closed the door, not knowing anyone was inside, and was unable to open the door from the inside.


  • Anne Yates is considered Wentworth's first bent screw, though fairly smalltime compared to the likes of Jock Stewart. Unlike the other bent screws, Anne was just interested in money.
  • Kirsty Child makes two more appearances on Prisoner, most notably as Willie Beecham in the Barnhurst Five Era.