"That was a laugh.."

Andrea Radcliffe was an officer at Wentworth Detention Centre, she was an officer who roamed around the prison.

Time At WentworthEdit

One of those minor officers who skulk around the fringes of the action, though she seems to get her fair share of physical abuse. She may have appeared as an extra earlier on but gets credits for (416) (501) (516) (559) (584) and (592), she is seen in episode 285. She is knocked out and taken hostage in the riot (600)-(601); credited again in (608) and (612); she is knocked out by Janet Williams and is found in the corridor by Pat Slattery who helps her get to the staffroom and reveals that she didn't see anything and that whatever was happening may have been for a prisoner (615); credited in (633); and she is on duty when Lexie Patterson gives birth (648) and she asks Rodney what is going on and he just says that the women are complaining about the heat. She takes part in the Tug of War (654). She witnesses the downfall of Joan Ferguson (692). When others officers talk to or about her, they use the first name Andrea.



Andrea signing out for the day

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