Ferguson delivers Vera her coup de grâce with almost fatal consequences.

An increasingly guilt-ridden Jake defies Ferguson by encouraging Vera to leave Wentworth with him. Jake is trapped when Ferguson reveals that her lawyers have ensured that the drug money trail leads direct to him. Realising there’s no way out of his pact, Jake attempts suicide but lacks the fortitude to go through with it.

Meanwhile, Franky is released from the slot and plans her imminent escape with Allie, only for Kaz to urge her to join forces and bring Ferguson down once and for all. Swayed by Allie to help her family before escaping, Franky finds herself front and centre in a kangaroo court with two prisoners taking Officer Miles hostage and threatening to kill her if other officers come closer, the pirsoners bring out Ferguson and with the truth finally coming out about several deaths in the prison caused by Ferguson and after that gets out of control when the inmates try to lynch Ferguson. When the prisoners do lynch Ferguson, much to the disgust of Channing who is watching with Will in the Governors office, he watches on as Vera tells Latham (who is holding Linda Miles hostage) that she has 2 months left to serve and that if she killed an officer she would get 20 years. Latham backs down after Vera tells her to drop the shiv, and she does so. Linda is released and rushes back to safety, while Vera grabs the shiv and cuts down Ferguson. She performs life-saving CPR on Ferguson and as prisoners watch on, things seem grim, until Ferguson gasps for air and opens her eyes.

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