Both staff and inmates at Wentworth are dealing with the aftermath of Bea Smith's tragic death.

Allie Novak returns from hospital while Ferguson is back into general population.

Hounded by inmates wanting her blood, Joan Ferguson takes advantage of their hatred by subduing her assailants during an exercise period and creating an aura of fear around herself.

Kaz Proctor declares that all violence against other women in prison is banned, while Sonia Stevens prepares for her trial, confident that she will be acquitted.

Vera Bennett is faced with the problem of who let Bea into a restricted area to attack Ferguson and finds herself taking unethical measures to cover herself by making Officer Murphy take the fall.

Boomer is distraught when Maxine Conway announces that she is being transferred to Barnhurst.

Franky Doyle finds her freedom in peril as Mike Pennisi, the man she assaulted, comes back into her life.

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