Bea and Allie finally make their relationship known to the other women. Allie is sentenced, and declares her love for Bea.

Doreen is upset by Nash and Josh's departure for Western Australia, and the girls tell her to attempt a transfer to WA, but Doreen first declines because she would have to be cleared by corrections before even attempting to catch a flight..

Jake is further embroiled in criminal activity when he smuggles drugs into the prison and continues to get in too deep with Ferguson, who offers to pay his debts on the outside in return for services rendered.

Ferguson continues to manipulate Shayne, telling him that Will recommended that he was taken into care away from Jianna, and thus caused his mother's suicide.

Jake and Will go out on the town, and Jake gives him drugs.

Bea orders drug runner Tina Mercado to dispose of the drug stash, but Tina refuses, scheming with Kaz to depose Bea as top dog. Bea is forced to choose between being top dog and being with Allie.

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