Despite Vera's resistance, Ferguson is released into general and accommodated in a unit with Kaz and her crew.

The women are out for blood but Vera warns Bea that any reprisals will result in the loss of the new privileges she has given the prisoners, particularly the conjugal visits.

Vera and Bridget wonder if Ferguson has a deliberate strategy in mind or if she merely has a death wish and Bridget wonders why Ferguson was even deemed sane.

Ferguson receives unlikely support from peer worker Doreen when she reveals that she saved baby Josh from Jess, and attempts to make a deal with Bea to bash her and bribes, and manipulates Officer Miles to make sure the bashing goes to plan. Things do not go according to plan as Ferguson is subjected to a brutal ganging in the showers from Lucy and her 'boys', but as always, Ferguson is able to manipulate events to her advantage.

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