Ferguson worries that her lack of emotion over her goldfish's death may be a weakness rather than a strength and seeks to forge connections with others. She invites Vera to dinner, only for Vera to confront her over leaving her during the riot, and reveal that she has contracted Hepatitis C from being stabbed with an infected syringe.

Ferguson also reaches out to Doreen as her pregnancy reaches full term and unwittingly calls Doreen "Jianna", the name of her former inmate-lover. Bea believes that may be a way of getting Ferguson and tells Doreen to find out more.

Bea also enlists Kaz Proctor's help to track down Ferguson's henchman.

Doreen goes into labour and she gives birth to a boy with Ferguson present.

In the aftermath, a proud Ferguson is devastated when she overhears Doreen telling Bea about Jianna and calling Ferguson a freak. Ferguson resolves to control her emotions, all humanity within her is lost.

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