As Fletch returns to work at Wentworth, Bea plans to use Jodie Spiteri to get rid of Ferguson.

When Fletch refuses to return at work at first, Linda tells Vera that she doesn't know why Ferguson considered it as Vera says that she was only thinking of the welfare of the staff Linda reveals to Vera that Ferguson wasn't the one who opened the door to isolation and it was Channing who overruled her, that leads Vera to dismiss Linda's claims but Vera goes on a quest for answers in the security footage.

Bea is later visited by Kaz Proctor, who she suspects is a member of the violent vigilante group The Red Right Hand, and Bea has cause to wonder if Kaz and her group killed Harry.

Doreen worries over the welfare of her unborn child but Jess offers her support.

Sophie continues to idolise Franky, much to Liz's despair, and when Liz finally confronts Franky, it is revealed this is not Sophie's first offence.

Jodie reveals that Ferguson physically, sexually and psychologically tortured her during her time in the slot.

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