Bea makes her way through Melbourne, stopping at Debbie's grave on the way, eventually arriving at the halfway house where Liz is staying. Liz tries to talk her out of it, but Bea takes the gun and leaves. She arrives at Brayden's garage and holds him at gunpoint, and he begs for forgiveness. Will arrives and talks Bea out of killing him. But when Brayden smiles menacingly at her, she shoots him dead.

Fletch queries Kelly's reasons for being so afraid of Ferguson. Kelly eventually reveals that Ferguson tortured her at Blackmoor when she discovered her affair with an inmate, who subsequently committed suicide when her baby was taken into care by a social worker. Piecing it together, Fletch realises Ferguson's evil vendetta against Will and plans to reveal all to the department. But before he manages to, Ferguson orders that he is to be run over by a speeding vehicle.

Bea is arrested for escape. Liz and Will too for aiding and abetting, Will having been framed by Ferguson.

Upon Bea's return to Wentworth, Franky hails her 'Queen Bea'. But it is suggested Franky has an ulterior motive, as all the inmates applaud.

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