Liz is released from prison and goes to a ex-offender housing. She tries to make contact with her children but decides not to after a short meeting in front of their house. Later, she comes home and is robbed by one of the ex-convict thugs also living there. She follows her daughter into a bar and after watching her get drunk she prevents her from being sexually assaulted by a man she met, eventually putting her in a cab and being recognized by her.

Boomer decides to get revenge on Liz after her sentence is extended seven years for the drugs that were found after Liz's lagging. Bea prevents Boomer from ordering a hit on Liz by purposely getting her slotted.

Fletch finds out that he is being transferred to Walford, but his transfer is delayed by Derek.

Derek tries to remove Ferguson from power and promises Fletch her role. He then starts interviewing the other guards as well as Franky in regards to the failed rape attempt against her in an attempt to build a case against Ferguson. Ferguson becomes suspicious of Derek's involvement with parole officer Rachel Singer after noticing that all of the attractive ex-inmates without families or support went to the same halfway house and left within a week. Through research, she learns that he has been recruiting ex-prisoners to work in a brothel he is a co-owner of. Ferguson uses this information to get Derek to back off on his investigation and give her a good word on the board, and consequently having to renege on his deal with Derek.

Bea informs Ferguson that she will make her bid to become top dog in her own time.

Fletch finds Jess crying in the library, so he gives her his handkerchief and consoles her.

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