Bea is returned to the unit and enlists Maxine's help to infiltrate Franky's gang.

Meanwhile, Doreen's pregnancy is revealed due to her unknowingly using Maxine's urine, which showed signs of the hormones she was using for her hormone replacement therapy. It is not long before Ferguson learns that Nash is the father. The situation reminds Ferguson of how - some years before - she looked after a young, pregnant inmate who committed suicide when her newborn baby was taken into care, devastating Ferguson.

Harry arrives at Wentworth and demands to see Bea. When Will refuses, Harry accuses them of having an affair, causing some of the other staff members, including Rose, to suspect that it is true. Will decides to tell Ferguson immediately in order to reduce any chances of him being investigated for inappropriate behavior. Upon learning this, Ferguson utilizes the situation and blackmails Doreen - if she names Will as the father - she won't inform Walford Prison of Nash's involvement so it doesn't jeopardize his chances of going on parole. Doreen refuses. In flashbacks, we eventually learn why Ferguson is so desperate to implicate Will: he was the social worker who took the baby into care and she wishes to take revenge on him for it. To punish Doreen for not complying with her wishes, Ferguson slaughters Doreen (& Nash's) pet bird and tosses its corpse into her cell.

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