Ferguson punishes the entire prison for Franky's drug trafficking by bulldozing the garden project.

Doreen is upset when Nash is taken away but soon discovers that she is pregnant.

Fletcher has to leave the prison because of a misunderstanding with amino acids as Vera thinks its drugs as Franky suggests its an officer behind the drop box in the shed.  Vera gets a call from Ferguson and she says its nothing about amino acids and says that governor Ferguson isn't the only person who Vera should apologise to. While Vera attempts to apologise she finds out that Fletcher has Linda over as a guest and Vera proceeds to leave as a result. The following morning Linda returns from suspension and asks Vera if they are ok, Vera says yes.

Franky later sets up a trap for Fletcher, but instead of it being Fletcher is ends up being Vera who Franky gets. Vera then gets her new nickname 'Vinegar Tits' from Boomer. Vera is told to go home by Ferguson and Linda will take over her duties for the time being. Vera leaves the prison but not without telling Linda to 'fuck off'

Maxine yearns to see her boyfriend, but her solicitor behaves in a transphobic manner. She attempts to escape from prison during a visit, but Will and Vera manage to capture her.

Vera becomes sick of caring for her mother and administers a lethal dose of pain relief.

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