Sky is on drugs, and she thinks she can fly off the roof.

Vera struggles to cope with her mother's terminal illness, and Ferguson lends her support. Franky is attacked by a male inmate working on the garden project. She retaliates by stabbing him in his crotch and Boomer hides the drug supplies from the project.

Liz betrays her friends by informing Ferguson about the location of the drugs.

Boomer is taken to the slots and faces a lengthy sentence.

Simmo's husband tells her that Brayden wants her to murder Bea. She is reluctant because she views Bea as her only friend. But fearing for her families safety, she rigs an electric death trap in Bea's cell. Ferguson is aware of the situation and dismantles the trap and poisons Simmo and makes it appear as a drug overdose of Franky's drugs.

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