Simmo is visited by her husband who informs her that Vinnie Holt has enlisted a hitman to murder Bea as revenge for her failed attempt on Brayden's life. Knowing that she is her only ally, Simmo warns Bea of this. Bea, Doreen and Liz suspect the hitman to be one of three newly arrived inmates. After confronting Jess, a terrified young woman, Bea deduces the hitman to be transsexual inmate Maxine Conway. Eventually though, the culprit turns out to be Kat - a young woman pretending to be disabled - who attacks Bea in the shower block, armed with a knife she hid in her cast. Just as she attempts to make the fatal stab, Bea is saved by Maxine, who punches Kat unconscious.

Doreen catches Boomer preparing to perform oral sex on Bates and confronts Franky about it. In exchange for her silence, Franky arranges for Doreen to have time alone with Nash in the garden shed for sex.

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