The debut of an iconic officer, trouble with Will and Erica takes over as the governor of Wentworth


Act 1Edit

Will Jackson is at home, the home he once shared with Meg Jackson. He is watching CCTV footage of Doreen Anderson and Bea Smith being interviewed about Meg's murder. After a while, he turns off his computer and sits back. We see the house is untidy, and Will has obviously been drinking. He is also unshaven and looking tired.

At Wentworth, Franky Doyle is in her cell reading some mail, which we find out is actually a fan letter. Doreen Anderson begs Franky to join Kaiya's birthday celebration. Franky isn't interested, but she obviously cares about Kaiya, so she throws Doreen a Cherry Ripe and tells her to give it to Kaiya. She then changes her mind and comes out of her cell in time to see Doreen, Liz, and Boomer perform The Wiggles' "Hot Potato" for Kaiya. Afterwards, Will comes to the unit for a head count. The women tell him it's nice to see him back, but he just says nothing as he looks at them all.

Outside, Acting Governor Vera Bennett is arriving for work, and must fight her way through a crowd of reporters who want to know details about Meg's murder. Inside the prison, the women discuss Will's return among themselves. Another prisoner, Toni Goodes arrives, high on drugs. Doreen notices and tells her to sit down, and tells her she should stay in the unit if she's going to do drugs. Franky goes to get Toni some breakfast (so the screws won't notice Toni is high on drugs) and trades insults with Jacs, who has just arrived. Bea has also just arrived, and talks to Will, telling him she is sorry for what happened, but Will is in no mood for it.

In the yard, Doreen tells Toni to go back to the unit before someone notices that she is "pinned". Will calls Doreen wanting to speak to her. Doreen has Kaiya give Will a picture she drew which says "Welcome Back" but Will tears it up, upsetting Kaiya and horrifying Doreen. Will blackmails Doreen into finding out who the killer is - if she doesn't, Kaiya will be out of the prison.

At the Smith residence, the phone rings. Debbie Smith goes to answer it, but is stopped by Harry Smith who answers it - it's Bea. Harry lies to Bea and says that Debbie has locked herself in her room and that she has failed her exams. He clearly doesn't want the two of them speaking, but when he realises the possibility of the call being recorded, he tells her nicely that he'll come for a visit.

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